Patsy Cline got a lot of rhythm in my soul.

Kicking back today, and I was watching the history of the Eagles.   This same came on, and I had to find out what it was.   Kinda jammin, in a 50’s sort of way.   Ya gotta appreciate the masters.

“46 years ago today, we walked on the Moon for the first time. We just saw Pluto up close. Humankind does great things, when ideas get off the ground.” – Bill Nye, the Science Guy.

men walk on moon


With all the shit out there in the world, and things you can invent to bitch about — I just like this quote.   It can fire ya up, if you let it.

Genius Attitude



In all fairness, I have no idea what Kanye West has ever made.   I think I saw him in a Superbowl commercial or something like that… once.    I don’t remember. I’m old enough to know that high attitudes come and go.     See ya in 50 years Kanye.

Jimi Hendrix, almost 50 years ago.   To me — It’s beautiful, and I like it more, considering how he viewed the whole thing:    Watch his fingers and how he owns that guitar.    He’s telling a Story.   YOu should listen.   Brilliant.

Randy Scouse Git

You know when you wake up in the morning with some random song in your head?   This was mine this morning.   I don’t know why.    It’s a saturday, and I’ll roll with it.

By the way, who the hell is Randy Scouse? :)

Road Tripping with the Family

Took a road trip with the family last weekend.   Well, most of the family anyway….     One daughter is in Japan, the other stayed home, and  the married one came.    Her spouse likes ghost towns too, and made for great company.  Life it seems, is good.

Hit up a couple of ghost towns to see a thing, and ate at a casino buffet.  We had a blast…. bonneville salt flat

Thoughts from my garage

I look forward to the time when we don’t have to be divided on which side of the gay marriage thing we stand, and we can go back to the time honored tradition of personally deciding on who’s an a-hole and who isn’t. pffft, People are people.