Going to the End of the LIne

Great song, great message.    That is, if you know who this band is made up of, where they’ve been.   We’ve all experienced something.     Ever been to the end of the line?


First Day off

First real day off since I got back from the tour last Sunday.   Its pretty nice.  Had a good week of sales at work, the mind is a little more open, and now I’ve got a whole day to just fuck off.   I love days when  you can just fuck off.

The ride was a blast.   Leading it was a blast, and we had a great crew.    These guys were experienced riders and they made the job easy.   I think everyone had fun.

I think I love Indian Motorcycles.    I may end up switching teams.   The bike they gave me was the best bike I’ve ever ridden methinks.   No comparison.

I’m still gathering pictures from everyone, and I’ll make a blog post about it.    All in all, I’d ride with these guys anywhere.    Just a good group.  3200 miles of riding, 5k in all.   Saw some cool things, and learned a few things about easy rider.

The documentary crew were extremely great to work with.      They made the trip fun.    I can’t wait to see what they come up with, and how it all fleshes out.

Did I say it was nice to have a day off?




Easy Rider Tour #2

The tour is over. It  has been, since 2 nights ago.   I’m hanging out in an El Paso Texas motel room now.   I have 2 more days to get to Hawthorne California, clean out my van and head home.

I hope these guys had a good time.   I think they did.   I know I did.

I can say this:  the view is a lot different from the captains chair.

I’m still digesting it.

Easy Rider on a 62 Panhead Hardtail

Got an email this weekend from a guy who’s done the trip once, and is doing it again on a 62′ Panhead Hardtail.     Thats hardcore.   Not even Fonda and Hopper can claim they Rode the whole route like that.    Very Cool, and thanks for the pics Mike!

“I followed your map in 2012 and rode from Ballarat to NOLA. It was a great trip. I plan on doing it again from PA in 2019 for the 50th anniversary of the release of the movie on a 62′ Panhead hardtail.”

62 Panhead Hardtail 62 Panhead Hardtail 2

Love it.    If you’ve done the route, got a picture or just got a bitchen old bike to show off I’d love to see em!  Email alan@mrzip66.com

Watching the clock.

I’m ready.    Whatever I don’t have, I’ll figure out on the road.    That’s half the fun of riding I think;  Solving a problem as it comes at you.    I got my CPR and First Aid Certifications today, bought several pairs of new socks, and I have money in my wallet.      I’ll pack tomorrow.   I can’t hardly screw that up.

Missus Zip told me she has anxiety because I haven’t made a list.  I love her, but I hate lists.   To me, it just means you haven’t thought it all through somehow.    It’s like my Dad told me before my honeymoon:  “Take twice the money and half the clothes”.    The old man knew a thing…

I am ready to ride.



Easy Rider Tour: Engage

I’m fairly stoked.   Just booked my flights, Picked my bike, and I even know who my Van Driver is now.  Shit is starting to get real.   Easy Rider tour.   2 weeks of straight riding is not routine, at least for me.    Some of these roads I’ve seen so many times I know like the back of my hand.   I see em in my dreams sometimes.    I can’t wait to show them to other people and have some fun in the process.   Fuck me,  I can’t wait to ride.

So, as it stands the documentary crew is coming too.    That got approved this morning by Eagle Rider.    We’ll see how that rolls.

It could be good.   Stay tuned.

Paul Williams

I was surfing around Netflix this weekend, trying to find a movie.    Netflix can  just be another TV wasteland, but occasionally if you surf enough,  you can find a pony in a pile of shit.   I found a documentary on Paul Williams.   I passed by it several times.   I knew who the guy was, and anyone who lived in the late 70s and 80s knew too.   he was everywhere.    Paul Williams, is a funny little guy.

Remember Smokey and the Bandit?

Paul Williams

Paul Williams is that short dude.   You may or not remember him.

When I was a kid, Paul Williams was everywhere.   Fantasy Island, Love Boat, Beretta, Match Game, The tonight show more than a few times….    Stuff I remember as a kid.    He was a TV personality.  I never knew him as anything else.    I always wondered why he was there.

But, the guy had a serious talent for writing music.    Like, more than most.   Like, what most musicians dream of.    I don’t know much about music, but check out that melody and how it rolls around in your head if you let it.    Its a fairly good song, methinks.

He wrote this one as well for 3 dog night.

Here’s another one:   From the Muppet movie in 1979.   If you ever bring this up again that I posted this, or said I like it I will punch you in the throat.   For hell sakes… I was twelve.

He wrote this for a local bank Commercial.   He was just trying to make a buck at the time , then it got found.      This is a great song, and is still the #1 wedding song to this day.

He wrote a bunch more you might recognize.

Anyway, just a thought about the guy.    An influence on his generation.

People are interesting.   Everyone is trying to make their own way, in their own time.   The underdog great ones inspire me.



Happy Saturday

Lots of things to do today.   I gotta take a few tests, get a few things ready for the tour next week, help a few clients out with their websites, and whatever else I’m forgetting.    It’d be cool to work a movie in there, somewhere.   Or something.

Why, Happy Saturday!

This song has been on for the last week on the way to work.    It seems like an omen to me.    It’s kind of got that Ska thing going…. Might have to make the playlist for the ride…

Its starting to get real

Just got off work.   Kicking back in my garage like I always do, decompressing from a day.   I get off work a couple hours earlier than the wife, and I got my little setup in here where I can sit by my bike, see whats going in the world on my laptop that seems to stay out here.   Turned out,  Its an impromptu man cave, but it does the trick.

The tour is looming.    I’m not sure how many more days, but enough that I need to get a few things ready.  Get some bike music together, download the latest maps for my GPS,  do some research.   The truth is, that shit takes an hour. It’s just fun to anticipate and think about the thing you like doing the most in the world.   I can’t wait.   I’m gonna milk this whole preparation thing like a cow.

Want some Doobies?