Road Trip: Utah to Twin Falls – Day one

I think since the 80’s, I’ve made fun of Idaho.    My only experience has been with Idaho drivers, who retire and work their way down to Utah and to drive really slow in front of me when I’m in a hurry.    The little that I’ve passed through their state, its been on long stretches of their freeways, with their rounded off mountains in the distance and their potato fields.     Idaho, to be quite honest bored the living hell out of me.    Idaho has always been a state to get through — on your way to Yellowstone or Oregon.

I’ve said this before, but I did promise my 13 year old daughter a ride a year ago.    I would have loved to take her down to Oatman on Route 66, or through Flagstaff where I know the country and we had fun options.     It didn’t turn out that way, and a promise is a promise.     Fuck.   For my time and budget,  pretty much all I had was Idaho.    We’re planning a family California trip this summer, and Mrs Zip had me by the reality of her purse strings.     Wellokay then… lets go to Idaho I guess.

The weather looked nice, and I got the bike ready to head north.    My daughter seemed excited about the whole prospect.     That made me a little more stoked.    I had a loose plan to head up through Salt Lake City, over to Golden Spike, up through the Sawtooth mountains and down through Pocatello and then home.    3 full days on the bike.

Road Trip prep with Bri

Loaded up, ready to go

We headed the 2 hours up on 1-15 through Salt Lake and Ogden and turned off at Brigham City.    Not being a fan of interstates, it was awesome to hit a back road and see some country I haven’t seen.   We headed the 30 miles toward Golden Spike.

The weather was perfect and the road was now at least interesting.    It all of a sudden felt like a riding trip now, and I got excited to ride some new roads.   We rounded past the very top of the Great Salt Lake and into our first destination.

Golden Spike was a big deal.   It was the first time that the country was connected by rail train.  That meant travel, commerce, and communication.    It was life changing to even the average person.   It was the internet of it’s day.    I think that type of shit is cool.

Golden Spike Utah


We paid our 7 bucks and saw what they had…

2016-06-24 11.44.05

10 Miles of Track laid in one day - Golden Spike

I don’t care who you are, even today that’s a feat.

2016-06-24 11.42.22

Golden Spike

A quick Picture by a stranger, then back on the road

We rolled out, and headed out towards Idaho.   Twist the throttle, listen to some music, and enjoy the road….  Everything was getting good.


We hit the interstate for a bit, ate lunch and headed into Idaho.   My daughter commented about how we were in the middle of nowhere, and we were.   It was mostly farms, and open country.    It was fairly awesome.

Idaho Border

Had to get a picture at the Border…

It was noticeably cooler now, and a bit windy.   A cold front with cooler weather must be coming through. We stopped in Burley Idaho and it was good to see some civilization again.    Met a couple of curious and friendly old local Bikers who went out of their way to say hello.   They knew what we were up to.  They told us about the local weather and to see where we were from and what we were going.   It was a good sign.   We rode on, got hit by a few long reaching farm irrigation sprinklers and headed into Twin Falls.

It reminded me of my long rides through Nevada, only greener and not quite so hot.   Harley Baggers tend to like straight and long roads I think…  They’re built for American Roads like that.   You kick up a foot or two and enjoy the ride.   Straight roads tend to give you a chance to rubberneck and see a thing.   Maybe think a bit.   Take it all in.   I was starting to like Idaho.

We rolled into Twin Falls and crossed the Snake River, doubled back and took in the  canyon.

Snake River Canyon

Snake River Canyon. I wanna come back here. There’s a road that winds down into the gorge and back up the other side.

2016-06-24 16.29.42

My Kiddo. She Travels like a pro. Snake River Canon.

Found a surprise:   Evel Knevel was a hero of mine growing up.    In the 1970’s, Evel Knevel was huge.    I remember in grade school my principal was giving a speech in my class and said “you don’t want to be anyone other than yourself” (or something like that).    I raised my hand, and said “I want to be Evel Knevel”.

Cool little monument.   He attempted to to Jump the snake river here in 1974.

Evel Knevel Snake River Canyon Jump Monument

Evel Knevel Snake River Canyon Jump Monument

We headed the 5 miles north to our camp and chilled out.   For a 13 year old, this was a long ride and more miles were ahead.    We did a little swimming, charged our phones and relaxed a bit.     This was a helluva good day.

2016-06-24 19.20.58

2016-06-24 19.14.27

Day 1:   275 miles, 2 states.

Tomorrow, We Ride.


I think the thing I like most about a road trip is what you find along the way.   People do and build interesting things, and figuring out the stories behind them makes it fun.   I’m not sure what we’ll find, but you always seem to find something good.     We’ll see.   Either way, tomorrow It’s on.   I can’t wait.

Tune up trip

Did a tune up trip this weekend, to see how Bri would do on the bike.   I’ve always called em a tune up trip; a practice run.   Where you see what gear you need, and how everything goes.  We did 120 miles and she seemed to love it.     This weekend we’ll do a thousand.    She’s a good travel buddy.    Utah it seems, has some great roads.

Thinking about going up through the Sawtooth mountains up in Idaho.   Hit up Golden spike National monument along the way, take some back roads and do some tent camping.   See where Evel Knevel jumped the snake river.    Find a hotel with a pool and just kick back and enjoy the day.   Find some new roads we’ve never seen.    Maybe make a moment she’ll remember, if the conditions permit.

I’m fucking geeked.   It’s time to ride.

Ride Plans

It’s been a helluva good few weeks.   It’s warm, the bike has been ridden around town like a raped ape, the Pittsburgh Penguins have won Lord Stanleys Cup, and I’ve been busier than hell.    Its been way nice.

We had a hog roast last weekend for B.A.C.A. up in Heber.   I’ve done it the last few years.  Poker run, and a good time.

It’s time to ride somewhere and see a thing.    I don’t know the north end of this area like I do the south, and it’s time to scout the perimeter.     I’ve promised my youngest daughter Bri a good few days riding on the bike, and we’re doing that next weekend.    I figured we’d head up to see Golden Spike National Monument, Ride up through the snake river in Idaho, and mozy our way back through Nevada and see if we can see a thing.    I promised her when she turned 12 we’d do a multi-day ride, and because of the Easy Rider Tour last year I couldn’t do it.   I need to keep my promise, and she seems eager to go and have a few days with Dad.     We’ll have a good time.   Something I hope she’ll remember.     Do some tent camping, swap some stories and I think there’s even a hotel on the route to hang out in the pool and watch her be a kid.    I’m pretty geeked up about it.

Trying to stay off the freeway… so the trick is to figure out a route on the way back that I can get gas in Nevada along a pretty long stretch.   I’m figuring out the map.   I’ll take an extra bungee and a buy a gallon gas can en route if need be.  Hopefully we can make a memory.

I had an adventure to yellowstone with my Dad about her age.   I remember sleeping in a 77′ Blazer, living off the road and hearing stories that I wish I could now remember all of.   It made an impression.    That’s the goal.   She’s a good kid.

Hell yes.  More to come!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

May we remember those who had lives and dreams, and gave so we could do the same.   Much respect…

And, for something a little on the lighter side:

Penguins advance to the Stanley Cup Finals

A HELLUVA game 7.   When you need 4 wins to take a series, the best team usually wins.   This time, we were.   We got the prince of Wales trophy; 4 more wins and we can hoist Lord Stanleys cup.


This team is deep, and scoring is coming from everywhere.   Its been a blast to watch.    Mrs Zip is out of her mind stoked about it.    I got her into the penguins, but by all accounts she’s a bigger fan than me.

Can’t wait!   Game one is in the Burgh on monday.