70s and 80s geeks.




Lets break this shit down:

  • When I was a kid, that 10 foot spiral chord on the wall phone that would stretch 30 feet was pretty damn cool.    Depending on where your wall phone was, you could urinate, make a sandwitch, and still find some privacy to still find out of your buddy could still get his dad’s car or not on Friday .    That was a beautiful thing.
  • I remember my first Walkman.   I sat on the front lawn, listened to Aldo Nova in stereo, and marveled at the sound coming into my ears.
  • Growing up, we had the world book 1962 encyclopedia series.  They seemed old to me, even back then.    I’m pretty sure a door to door salesmen sold them to mom, in the name of her children s education.    I’m glad she did.   Loved those things.
  • Pong.   yeah, pong.   That was cool.   There was always some goddamn adapter to make it work, but yet we played pong.
  • Texting is cheap.   I hope my kids know the joy of having someone pass a note across the classroom without getting busted by the teacher.   They made the effort rip up a piece of  scratch paper and say a thing, and you were thankful to  everyone involved who got it across the room.    maybe that’s just me.   It didn’t happen very often, but when it did it was awesome.
  • Email, Facebook or twitter: I’m skipping that one.   For fuck sakes,  yeah…. we somehow survived.   Next.
  • I was 12 when we got cable, and thankfully mom and dad didn’t block MTV.    Pretty cool back then.   I no longer had to wait up at night for the midnight special.
  • I gotta admit, GPS is pretty cool.   It’s still not nearly as thrilling as buying a map at a gas station, figuring out where you are and where you wanna go, and actually being able to figure out a fucking address.     I have one for my bike, and Its almost a point of pride to say I’ve never used it.   A map is much more fun to travel with.
  • The last one is stupid.

This post is dedicated to my old friend Aldo Nova :)

Made employee of the month.   Some kind words from some people I really respect, so I’m putting it here mostly so I can look back and remember it:

Don’t let the size fool you folks! This man is a power selling, customer consulting, jumping-off-the-top-ropes Sales God sent to mires of humanity to show us how to get ‘er done!



Manager: Matt “Red Beard” Johnston

“MrZip has been working at Bluehost almost four months. He brings to the table a tremendous background in web hosting, SEO, and site design and has been managing several websites of his own for many years. He is really good at owning each and every call and really building a great relationship with each client he speaks to. I overhear him throughout the day having real conversations with clients and really winning people over to become strong advocates of Bluehost because of their dealings with him. He talks to people like they are people which is a difficult thing to do in the day to day call center grind.
“MrZip has consistently kept his take rate above 30% and has one of the highest net promoter scores on the floor. He has the highest talk time per hour on Team Redbeard and has never had a problem hitting his rampup. He has regularly been above $30,000 in revenue with a high percentage of that being new cash.
“MrZip spends a great deal of his time away from work bettering his knowledge of our products and services and brushing up on his sales skills. Often I see him coming in early or staying later off the clock to read the latest news of the industry, learning new things that help him in his daily dealings with clients, or using the free tools to be better familiar with what we have to offer. I’ve never heard him complain and I’ve never seen him have any problems with attendance. He attends all of our team huddles/trainings and makes great contributions.
“The thing I like most about MrZip is that although he is still pretty new, he doesn’t act like it. He makes it his goal to be proactive and if there is something he does not know or something he is unsure about he will do everything he can to make sure he is an expert on that thing going forward. He really is a team player and makes those around him become better and have a lot of fun every day.”

MrZip just happened to finish his Employee Spotlight so we’ll include the embarrassing answers here:


Short personal bio:

– I was raised by wolves.  Very Kind, Very nurturing wolves. Dogs, to this day love me, and I don’t know why.


Hobbies and interests:

– Motorcycle touring, History, Museums, Geek stuff.


What is your “hidden talent”?

– Loving random and useless information.    Also, I was 1988 US olympic Dwarf Tossing  team in Seoul North Korea.  I was never allowed to compete due to a height requirement.   I’m still angry about it.


What is on your iPod?

– I love old Punk Rock and classic rock.   Since they haven’t made any thing new for a long time, I think most of it is on my Ipod.


Favorite place to eat…

– Almost any small town greasy spoon diner.   I’m also a sucker for a BBQ Joint.


What is something about you that would surprise people?

– I’m a family guy –  3 beautiful daughters, and been married 25 years this year to an awesome wife.


What is something you would like to learn to do?

– I would love to learn to sell SEO better, and beat Todd’s sales regularly so he would stop mocking me.


Where would you like to go on a dream vacation?

– Waking up in small town that I just learned the name of as I rolled into town the night before, and pointing my bike either right or left at an intersection the next morning, and seeing whats over the next rise.    Getting lost, and figuring out how to get the 1000 miles home on a sunday.


What do you like about working here?

- Pretty much everything.   I love the people, the atmosphere and the product.    Everyone I’ve met at Bluehost is pretty cool.  I dig it here.

Watch “Social Media in 5 Hours Per Week – David Meerman Scott” on YouTube

Social Media in 5 Hours Per Week – David Meerman Scott: http://youtu.be/7r-K0eMhErY

Steve McIntyre

The missus and I went to to the local Hockey game last night.   Great game.    We both love hockey.   Had a good night, had a dinner and a drink, and watched the Grizzlies win in overtime.   She knows hockey, maybe better than I do.      We drove home, basking in the win.   Talked of getting season tickets.


Noticed this morning that one my favorite Penguins was on this team.   Steve McIntyre.    That man could fight.   Maybe a few of  the best fights I’d seen in the NHL.

2011-11-23_MacIntyreSteve McIntyre could lay the lumber.

There’s good stories everywhere, if you just pay attention.     Steve McIntyre is 34 now, got assigned down to a ECHL team, and I gotta think is near the end of  his career.    When he was with the penguins, the man just made me smile.    You couldn’t wait for what he would do.    He stood out.    A favorite.  You didn’t want all of him.

Glad he’s with the Grizzlies.    I’m even more of a fan now.   One tough sumbitch.

Support your local Grizzlies.    Yeah, maybe Season tickets…