If I could fix one single problem in my life….

If I could fix one single problem in my life, its this:

No, I don’t want to fix your computer.

Yes, I can.   No, I don’t want to.   Your 2003 Acer laptop isn’t a good time.   Lets not even bring it up in a conversation.   Just….Buy a new one.   Don’t ask me.   I can’t polish a turd.

I’m also killer at cleaning toilets.   I don’t want to do that either for you.

There, I said it.

Taking the family to Disneyland tomorrow.    1 day at the beach, 2 days at disneyland, and 1 day at six flags.    We’re all fairly hopped up about it.

Pfffft, Millennials!

Part of working for a tech company is dealing with Millennials.    You know, this latest generation.    I think every generation compares the best of theirs to the worst of the current, but even so…. I gotta get this out.    Granted, I could stand to be a bit more patient and no one ever accused me of being overly empathetic.    Being older, and hanging out with bikers I gotta think makes it worse.

A few rules for you pricks:

  • Just come to work.   Even if you don’t feel like it.   Power it out.  Also, there is no “app” for that.
  • Life isn’t fair.  It’s not supposed to be.
  • It sure as hell isn’t all about you.    Especially when everyone else thinks its all about them.   You have to take the long view.
  • Your job isn’t a right.   Its a damn privilege.  Make something of it.  It will always be thus.

Whew!   There, I said it.   Lets party!






I don’t have anything really cool to post, but it’s been a while and figgered I’d say hello to my old friend my Blog.    Sometimes it’s nice to put down the things that are in your head.

Shit has been really good as of late.   I’ve been focusing on my family and work a lot, and its nice to see some small successes there.    Those stack, I think… and one day they lead to really good things.   I like what I do at work.   I’ve always been an owner of a company or just an employee.   Managing people can be frustrating sometimes, but most times its been really rewarding and it pushes me.

I’ve been doing a bit of Travelling with the company this year.   Miami in February, and Boston 2 weeks ago.    The company I work for is a major sponsor for WordPress, the platform my blog is written in.    We represent the company, and to be honest Its an honor that they asked me.   We’re expanding our role there, and I’ll be doing some breakout sessions at some of the future wordcamps.

Boston is the shit!   I think I love that city.    History everywhere.   We meandered all over the city and just enjoyed it.    I want to go back.


Paul Revere Boston MrZip66

Paul Revere and the North Church

Old Ironsides - The USS Constitution

Old Ironsides – The USS Constitution

We had dinner with a couple of the heavy hitters in the WordPress Community, and he put his camera on the window of the restaurant as we ate and talked business.    He showed us this the next day.   Kinda cool:


Life it seems, is good.   I certainly can’t complain.




Rebel. Against the kings of Babylon.

Got tickets to the warped tour this weekend.     Some old bands I know the name of, and whole lot more I don’t.   It could be good.

Random Thoughts, on a Saturday Morning

Scrolling through some pictures this morning….I’ve saved some pictures over the years that I’ve meant to make blog posts on, and just haven’t.   What the hell, I figured I’ll just throw em out there.

Muffler man that had a brief appearance in Easy rider, 1970s.


Roadrunner retreat

A postcard from RoadRunner Retreat, Route 66 back in its heyday.


The Deeburger Clown, Orem Utah

The Deeburger Clown, Orem Utah.   Fuckin’ A.   28 cents!


Railroad bridge, Topock Arizona

Railroad bridge, Tocpock Arizona circa 1900s. In Easy Rider as well, torn down in 1977

Route 66

A route 66 blast from the past.


The Roadrunner Retreat. Route 66, California

The Roadrunner Retreat. Route 66, California


To the Irish!

To the Irish!

Another Shot, near Topock Arizona

Another Shot, near Topock Arizona


Colorado River, Topock Arizona. Old Route 66 is in the foreground

Colorado River, Topock Arizona. Old Route 66 is in the foreground


The grapes of wrath bridge, circa 1900s

The Grapes of Wrath Bridge, Circa 1900s.


Orem Utah

My father had a hand in Building this. Orem Utah


Flagstaff Arizona Postcard

Flagstaff Arizona Postcard. That hotel was was on Easy Rider as well.


Peter Fonda, Stuffing his tank with cash. Easy Rider, Ballarat California 1968.

Peter Fonda, Stuffing his tank with cash. Easy Rider, Ballarat California 1968.


Burt Munro. The coolest man alive in the worlds fastest Indian

Burt Munro. The coolest man alive in the worlds fastest Indian





A theater in Knoxville Tennessee, 1969

A theater in Knoxville Tennessee, 1969


I just like this picture


This picture just makes me giggle. heh, Zip.


Americana Inn

The Americana Inn, 1965. The crew from Easy Rider stayed here.


Easy Rider, Arizona.  



1948 Indian Chief.

1948 Indian Chief. The most beautiful bike ever made.


Filming Easy Rider, St Louis Cemetery #1

Filming Easy Rider, St Louis Cemetery #1


partridge creek bridge

Partridge creek bridge, 1950 alignment of route 66.

4th of July Fireworks from my Drone

Took the drone up and got some footage of the fireworks in my city on the 4th.   I crashed it right after this, but lucked out and only broke a couple of props.


Clifford Vaughs Passes Away. RIP

Clifford Vaughs


Cliff Was one the builders of the Easy Rider Bikes. He was 79 years old.    Much Respect.   RIP Cliff


Day three: Pocatello to home

It was nice to sleep in a real bed.    Granted, it was a motel 6 bed, but having sheets and waking up with a coffee maker and a non-public shower was a bonus on our little trip.   I let Bri sleep in.   I checked the bike, took in the morning and got ready for the ride home.    Most of it was going to be 1-15 freeway home, and I checked out the maps to see if we could see anything new before we were forced down by mountains and the great salt lake into the 1-15 corridor  home.   Back roads are always the best — You maybe get to see how real people live, and they’re more interesting than the sterile and un-interesting freeway.

My heel shifter broke.   One thing about riding a Harley-Davidson, is you always keep zip ties and wire in your tool kit.    No big deal.

shift lever Harley Davidson

We loaded up, and headed south, going through downtown Pocatello Idaho.    The weather was perfect, and a killer day to ride.

I found a new side to Pocatello.    I’d always traveled up 1-15 to get through this place. The freeways always take the fastest route and you miss shit up here.   Old Highway 91 was a really enjoyable ride.   Its a 2 lane road, that carves through some lava canyons, farm fields the local stuff that makes you appreciate Idaho.    I wished now that I’d taken some more pictures.    It sort of reminded me of the interesting spots you find between kingman and Seligman on Route 66.

We ate breakfast at a local Cafe I found on Yelp.     A local spot, with a friendly waitress and home made bread with breakfast.   She was interested in the bike, our ride and where we were from.   We ate it up, paid our check and headed down the road.

Old Highway 91 has the same story as route 66.    It was the main road through Utah and Idaho before the freeway came in.    Businesses got bypassed and slowly closed as their main source of income got changed by a freeway system.    I’m always interested in the ghosts of these old places, so we took a few pictures.


2016-06-26 11.23.55

2016-06-26 11.36.01

Rands – Chicken Delicious.

2016-06-26 13.37.00

Last Gas Stop. Get on the freeway to Blitz Home.


We got home around 3.   I think Bri had a good time, and it was nice to spend some time with her.   She’s a great kid —  for doing a thousand miles in 3 days with no complaints I’d ride with her anytime.     We need to plan another one!







Why I still love the Andy Griffith Show…

An attitude that thankfully, my  wife believes in, and my kids have adopted.    It’s real world shit….