Rest in Peace, Glenn Frey

Dead at 67.   Lemmy, David Bowie…   Even Dan Haggerty…   Sad, but I barely cared.    They never made a song that inspired or moved me to do something.   Glenn Frey did.     His whole band did.

For all the deaths the last few months, this one sorta sucks.    I didn’t know the guy, or he knew me:  but I lived a lot of life listening to his songs.  I’ve kicked up a foot on a few footpegs listening to Lyin’ Eyes, screaming the lyrics while crossing some Nevada or Arizona Desert on a bike.    I’ve stood on a corner of Winslow Arizona on ol’ route 66, where they still commemorate the song he wrote with them.    I’ve been to a town I just learned the name of, and woke up to a Tequila Sunrise.   Pulled me out of a few funks.

The Eagles, just made an impact on me.    They’ve turned into some of  my favorite riding songs.

They Inspired me.    They Still will.

This is a favorite:    Glenn came up with the lyric after being in a bar, seeing all these “kept Women” as he called them, cheating on their husbands.    Us normal people would just sit and notice, but Glenn made a song about it, and told a story out of it.      It’ll always be my favorite Eagle song:


Glad he sung it.    Rest in Peace, Glenn Frey.     We’ll keep listening to the music.   Thank you, for doing what you did.






Looking forward to Christmas

Shopping is done, the Steelers are getting hot and staring down the barrel of a playoff run, Star Wars is here in a few days.    Yeah, I can’t wait.   Life, it seems is pretty good.

I love this time of year.

It seems the older I get, the better it gets.   This is where life starts to pay off I gotta think.     I’m in a good position where I still have a 12 year old I still need to guide, and starting to enjoy the older kids becoming adults.   It’s a nice transition from being a parent, to learning a thing from kids who are becoming (and become) and adult.   They’re starting to teach me.   That, is seriously cool.

These are good times.

Its good being a 12 year old 48 year old.




Sunday Morning, Coming down.

up at 5. I don’t know why. My heart is full of the reverend Horton Heat.

Its a good sign.   A good day is ahead.   Steelers play today.    I’m a king, I tell ya.

Hope it not lost today it is found.

I remember when the first Star Wars came out. My dad took me.

Watergate and the Vietnam war was behind us, and the nation was looking for something.   The pulse of America was that we’d lost…. something.

I see it now. people are looking for something.  Maybe a good vs. Evil thing.    I don’t know.

It’s just Star Wars.   But its selling out theaters, even before its released.

I see it at work;  Millennials are looking for something.  You can only sit and judge something on Facebook for so long.    They live in a world where they haven’t had to had to push anything uphill.

History, will repeat itself.

America, will pull Through.