A couple of shout outs

I got this  in my email yesterday.   Thanks Hironan from the UK, across the pond. Thanks for the picture!  You got the gift…


To my New Jersey Brother Pete, and his wife Linda, who is slightly cooler than he is.   Hope you guys enjoy Bob Seger tonight Brotha!   Hope to ride together again someday :)

Looking forward to Christmas Eve

Honestly, not too many holidays fire me up.   The 4th of July and Christmas eve maybe.      I know some people who get fired up about everything from Arbor day to Valentines day but most of those seem a bit commercial and mostly dumb.   I can appreciate a good tree, and I’ve always loved my wife, so what the fuck.     Groundhog day is also kind of cool, but mostly because I like Bill Murray Movies.

I’m looking forward to Christmas Eve.   The older I get, the better it seems to me.

I remember building trampolines incorrectly in the dark in the freezing cold.   Assembling bikes with Chinese instructions, when I really don’t read instructions to begin with.   Not sleeping all night, because I was more excited to get my kids what they’d asked for than they were.    Having a daughter wake me up at midnight, because she swore she heard Santa come already, and we were good to go (yeah, I woke us all up and folded pretty hard on that one).   The day off.   Family stopping by.    Big baskets of whatever on the counter, from people who just wanted to reach out.

It’s just a good night.   My family is getting older now, my oldest daughter is engaged to be married to a stud of a guy and things are starting to change.    Really, in a good way.  The others are starting to find their way in life, and its cool to see.    You work at marriage and a family for a lotta  years to get to this point, and I do appreciate that.   Some people don’t get an un-interrupted chance chance at that, and it’s not lost on me.

Christmas eve dinner is a sacred deal at our house. Usually a ham, that green bean casserole with the crunchy onion dealios on top, our best china (with the real fancy “dixie” logo on the bottom sometimes) and the family is together and enjoying each others company.   Maybe a bottle of wine with the missus.   All with 24 hours of a Christmas story playing in the background (thanks TBS).

I do love Christmas Eve.   I think my kids do too.


Merry Christmas to you biker pricks out there!

Its’s here. Have a happy holiday

May you prepare for the ones closest to you, and may you have a Merry Christmas this year.    Ready or not, here it comes.

Somewhere in November, I smoked 10 pounds of really good cheese for a few hours, wrapped em  to mellow for a month, and I just bought 5 pounds of raw almonds yesterday.   The Almonds will roast in my dutch oven  and go in the smoker the day after.   My oldest is baking cookies, and we’ll wrap it up and give it to those most important to us.

2014-11-23 18.44.10



I gotta admit, I do love Christmas.    Merry Christmas!

New Site design

Screwing around with a new site design on a practice site, and being all safe and all.    I just got tired of practicing, so I made it live.    I’ll figure it out in the next week or so.     Please excuse the mess.

Life is going good.

This is a test video:

Lets go

There just comes a point, in every ride… if you look for it.

It’s usually a song that you haven’t heard for a long time, where it all seems to hit home.   That Zen moment, where twisting the throttle and turning a bend combine with an effing great song.    Fuel for the fire.

I need to post more.    Lots has happened, and its all been good.   Very positive, and deliberate for the most part, life wise.    I haven’t even caught up on rides that have happened over the summer.    I will, I swear.

Just not tonight.