Bikers. Respect.

I love in a small town.  I am in a business that is surrounded by people who don’t understand respect.

I used to laugh at that word, but to be honest respect is the difference.   All I have is respect.

I have a hard time abiding people who don’t understand or show it.     You don’t fuck another man’s wife.   You don’t talk shit about another mans wife.      You don’t touch another man’s colors.   You don’t disrespect another person unless you’re ready to fight them.   You don’t abuse kids.   You don’t talk shit about things you know nothing about.   You don’t touch or sit on another man’s bike.   Call it anything you want, maybe it’s just being polite or at least shutting your mouth.   I find myself wanting to associate more and more with people who have it.     I don’t have a whole lot of real friends, but the friends I call friends have it.    My BACA brothers have it.   My wife has it in droves.    My business partner has it to an extreme.    My brother has it.   Those are my friends.    It’s more than enough.  It’s all I want.

If I have to explain it, you don’t understand.

On another note, vegas bike week is coming up.    Looking foward to seeing my brother and doing me some riding.    The morning air is cold and I haven’t done enough of that this year.

I need to wake up on the side of the road next to my bike somewhere, and soon.


2 thoughts on “Bikers. Respect.

  • By Boston - Reply

    Amen, Brother!

  • By Trevor Hilton - Reply

    I give people respect, until they show themselves un-respectable. I respect people in authority, but, if they show themselves un-respectable, I will continue to respect the authority they represent. That's how I am with some police, some of my superiors here, and with our current President.

    I've never understood why some people want to sit on someones motorcycle with out permission! They are invading another persons territory! No different than entering their house un-invited!
    In Oklahoma, that's a good way to get shot!

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