A victory.

Yesterday was a good day.   I signed some papers that ended a 2 year struggle and put some finality, and even some justification to the worst period of my life.     Even today, I feel like king of my mountain.

I settled the biggest debt of my life yesterday. It’s such a relief. 2 years of work to pay for the biggest mistake maybe I’ve ever made. Life seems pretty good right now.

The biggest mistake of my life, for the record was not trusting my instincts and trusting a partner to take care of the books.     Long story short, he didn’t.   I got  lazy,  things crashed, and he went into hiding. I decided to face the music. At the time, I felt I couldn’t live that way, and I’m glad I didn’t.   Its been a stress on my family of dealing with the IRS, one creditor after another, and a whole slew of others.

Got the taxes settled yesterday.Hopefully the final step in starting over, and trying to maybe build  something good again. A little wiser, and lessons learned. Things have been tight, my wife and kids have stuck with me.   Can’t ask for more, and life seems good again.

I feel bad for my poor ex business partner to be honest. Hiding ain’t no way to live.    I hid for a while, but no more.   I’m kinda learning that life is pretty sweet when you move to hit it head on.

Anyone want a beer? I’m buyin’ 🙂


2 thoughts on “A victory.

  • By Troy - Reply

    Been there and know how good it feels for sure. Good days!

  • By Ohio - Reply

    Congrats man. Way to go!!! Look forward to riding up there this Summer when I don't have to have skis on the General!!!

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