Winter Ramblings

Full blown winter here.   I plowed the driveway twice yesterday and once this morning.    Drove home up the canyon 25 in a 55.     I could see the road better with my lights off, in the driving snow.

I love what I do.   I feel most days, that I’m in full stride.     To be involved and with my nose to the grindstone, making good decisions and contributing….. man, that’s a good day, and they string together.     I’ve found my family.   Blood is thick, and they share common ground that you just can’t explain.   Eyes are on me here.   Bring it on.    Coming up here is good for me, and I can’t help but know that is good for my own family.

But man, I keep looking at for a break in the weather.    I almost took my bike to work at 2 degrees in the morning, down the canyon.    I’d have done it if I was positive the roads weren’t icy.     I wasnt.     Fuck it, I don’t care if I look like the Michelin man on a bike….. I’m jonesing to ride, and its only January.

Can’t wait for the Easy Rider tour in May with Eagle Rider.    Hopefully my stories are right, my company is sure and beyond that I’ll figure it out.

When is this snow over with.   I’m ready to ride.


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