At what point, did Americans become great big pussies?

I watch this, and I can’t help but wonder when Americans all became great big pussies. Been thinking about this video all day, since I first saw  it 8 hours ago.

I’d vote for that mayor. Hell, gimme a politican with some balls, on any level. 2nd amendment? It should piss you off that this is even a topic, let alone a video on facebook. We are law abiding citizens. “don’t tread one me”. `

Most of us are good guys.   99.9 percent of us are good guys.   We pay our taxes, we take care of our families and we look to the future.    What that future is, I have honestly no good idea.   I still believe that if you work hard something good will happen.

My father.   Our founding fathers.    They  just turned over in their grave.    Fuckit, I’ll carry whatever torch they carried.   It meant something, and it wasn’t based in fear.


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2 thoughts on “At what point, did Americans become great big pussies?

  • By Steve - Reply

    I like that Mayor. As for the councilman that walked out on a veteran I have nothing but contempt for that SOB

  • By mrzip66 - Reply

    Check out how many people were in their seats before he spoke, and how many after. this is a trained guy, exercising his constitutional rights. I Ask again, when did Americans become great big pussies?

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