Just a couple of videos.


I love history.   I’ve always loved history.     When you read history, it will come alive when you put yourself in it.     It happened to real people.      How would you react to this scenario, or that event?     Pick an event, and its got a guy, maybe just like you that lived through it.   I know its shaped my life and how I think.

I’m seeing the world changing.   I’m not so much scared for me, I’ll be fine.    I’m scared for my kids.

Just a couple of videos.    Such a great song….I don’t know if this was how my parents felt during the Cuban missile crisis, or how an old farmer felt in 1775, or watching sons argue at the dinner table in 1860 in the years that preluded a civil war.

But Shits a brewing.   I hate to see the divisions in this country right now.      I hope to think we’ll rise above it all.     I’m worried that the masses want something that is not good for us.

There is a better way.


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