Easy Rider and the Jail in Taos New Mexico

Over the last few  years, I’ve had people tell me they’ve been to the Jail in Taos where the inside Jail Scenes were filmed in Easy Rider.   The Outside scenes were filmed in Las Vegas  NM, and its pretty hard to dispute.

The jail on the north side of Taos Plaza is not the same place from the movie.   The bones are all wrong, the bars, the walls.  Nothing matches up.   I hate to ruin a good story the locals (and some actor prick I won’t mention the name of) tell about the movie, but its not true.   Ray Charles could see this.

This is the Jail in Taos Plaza — Check out the steel walls, and bars on the cells.   You’ll see the difference:


Taos County Jail Easy Rider 1

Taos County Jail Easy Rider 2

Taos Easy Rider Jail Scene 5

These are the scenes from Easy Rider, where Billy and Wyatt met Jack Nicholson.   They played Every fair in this part of the country, and for top dollar too :

Easy Rider jail Scene Taos 1

Easy Rider jail Scene Taos 2

Easy Rider jail Scene Taos 3

I have one more place to Try.    I need to get down to Taos and check it out.    It’s either an old drunk tank that has been torn down, or it’s the older jail.

Another mystery to figger out on the bike.   A cheap excuse to point the bike toward Taos.     I love summer.

Got it

I made the sales manager job.    We’ll see how this goes.   I’m stoked to help out some of these sales guys.    So far, its been really positive.   I think I have a fair amount to offer.

aaaand its a friday.    I feel some clash comin’ on.

Road Trip

Booked me a road trip for next weekend.    It’s more than likely gonna be short, but with a little encouragement we could make it longer.   A little road time never hurt anybody.

About 8 years ago, I found me a pretty trippy ghost town that quite frankly, really freaked me out when I was there.    Out in the middle of nowhere Nevada I found this place.     Within a 175 miles of a Nevada road that was straight as a rifle barrel, I passed a total of 2 cars.   It was Currant Nevada, and I dug it.    This time, I’m going to take a few more pictures and enjoy it.    Document it.  Maybe ask around, and get a few stories.    I’m Taking the drone.   It was a place pretty much frozen in time.    The place has had my curiosity for 8 years.   I’ll post some video, and try to tell what stories I have.

There’s some cool old ghosts along this road.   Chuck Yeager learned to fly there.   Fortunes were made and lost.   The extra terrestrial highway.    I kinda dig it.

Riding and road trips, are always just a little mystery  figure out here and there.    God help me, I do love it 🙂

It might be cool.

First Drone Test – Yuneec Typhoon G

Pretty cool.   I can have some fun with this.   As soon as it warms up, I’ve got some shots in mind to start video documenting some of my favorite spots up here in a month or so as it starts warming up and the smog in the valley starts clearing out.

Took up up about 375 feet and got a feel for the controls.    This thing flies like a dream.

Test flight day

I spent most of this morning reading up on the controls of this drone and putting it together.   Watched some videos, and tried not to shoot from the hip like I normally do.   I didn’t want to fish this thing out of the gravel pit like the old one.     Finally, I went out and just tried it.

Night and day compared to the last one.    It just did exactly what I told it to.    Very cool.   The GPS controls are nice, and there’s a few things I need to learn and dial in, but overall I’m pretty stoked.    Its got me thinking of a few places I’d like to document:   Wendover Airfield, and an old ghost town about 30 minutes away from here.   Places I couldn’t get to, and to maybe see it from a birds eye view.

Yeah, I’m stoked.    Think I found myself a new hobby.    Already starting to think about a few road trips….


New Drone

So I’m kind of stoked.   I think I found a new toy and its something I’ve wanted to do for a while.

I bought a camera Drone.  A fairly good one.

This last summer, the family and I hit up a bunch of ghost towns.   They became a random Saturday adventure, and found some cool stuff.     I kept thinking it would be cool to see it from the air, and I bought a cheap camera drone.   Like $300 cheap off of Amazon.

It sucked.    Maybe I just suck as a pilot, but the damn thing was like learning to play golf.    I took it to this big field near my house with plenty of room, and  I got to where I could fly it around.   Then I got cocky and figured I’d see how high it could go.   I got up to where it was probably 200 feet, then a damn gust of wind blew it into a gravel pit next several hundred yards away.     It took me 45 minutes to find it, running around an old gravel pit in flip flops, fairly pissed off.

It was $300 dollars worth of experience.     Its in my garage, right where I left it 5 months ago.    I knew I needed to upgrade.

So I did some research, asked a few questions to people in the know I found the one I wanted.   About a thousand bucks later, I think I’m in business.    We’ll see.

Yuneec Gopro Drone

4k video from my GoPro, and the drone locks into GPS satellites to hold its position.    Supposedly, it’ll stay true in a 25 MPH wind.      It came today.  I’m all sorts of geeked.   I measured the dimensions before I bought it, and it’ll fit into my tour Pak.

MrZip66 blog, 2.0.

Hopefully, I can take my time and learn this thing and make some cool videos for the blog.   Document a thing.    pffft, I  Can’t wait.


Fuck winter

We’re through the worst of it here, weather wise. At least I gotta think.     Even so, I can’t wait to point my bike towards a new place.

I just need 50 degrees for a thousand miles.    I’d love to figure out a weekend out of that.   I’m thinking Idaho.    There’s lots of history up there, and some cool old roads to go explore.    Pack a tent or find a room.   Wake up to a cold morning, find an old road in an old town, and go find a thing.   Learn a thing.    I love a good, new perspective on life.

We’re on the downside of winter.    I’m kind of learning that when you don’t live in the desert, you make the most of a warm day.

I haven’t posted on here very much the last little bit.     I’ve been working, trying to make a buck.    Overall, its been very good to me.   The kids are growing up, making good roots and moving on.    Very cool.    Just what we wanted them to do when we started this whole thing.

The missus and I are looking at finding a new home.    Roots of our own.   A place that hopefully will be full of grand kids at Christmas parties  in a few years.   Life had handed us a few curve balls, but we’ve made it back to square one.    We’ll paint our own walls, I’ll spill shit in my own garage, and Piss in the backyard on my own fence.   We’ve set ourselves up to be in a good position to do that.    It’s gonna happen soon.

Life it seems, is pretty goddamn good.    Can’t wait to point my bike somewhere new.