Two Guns Arizona, Route 66

Really cool video.    One of my favorite spots on route 66.   Lots of ghosts here, and several different era’s of history.   I love me some Two Guns :)

The before and After’s are quite cool.   Nicely done!

The Beat Goes On…

Not to get all gushy and shit, but this picture Just makes me happy.


That’s my Daughter’s Engagement picture.

I don’t think a man has very many missions in life.    One is to provide, protect, and take care of his family.    It’s a bit deeper than whats going on in your career, your bike or who the fuck your football team drafted.   When you have daughters, its a bit more complicated than that, because lets face it:   Men don’t really understand women.   I sure don’t.

I remember early on, that the only thing I wanted for my girls were to be independent.   If I had a conscious thought as a parent, it was fairly singular:   I want my daughters to be strong.     To be able to pull themselves out of a bad situation if they needed to, or to find out what they want and to move towards a goal.      Have that inner moxy that tells them they are good enough to do it.    I don’t know if its genes,  Parenting or just blind luck, but my daughter has it.      She’s strong.

She met a guy with some moxy, who will provide, protect and take care of my daughter.     I don’t know if that’s chance or not, but I’m glad it happened.   I’ve never seen her happier.

And, I’m happier than hell for them.    They’ll be married in a few weeks.    Pretty cool for missus Zip and Me.

Also, I am pissed about the Steelers draft, and my bike has a semi flat tire.

Redneck Thunderstruck

This is completely Jammin.    Once you get past the fact that these are not the same guys from Deliverance, I was able to dig this version.    Well played, sirs.


Tis the Season

Its nice as hell outside.  Riding season is here, and  I have a lot to catch up on.     I love riding and writing, but I tend to favor the former and procrastinate the latter.

I Met Jim Leonard a couple of weeks ago.   There’s a few guys who have claimed to own the original Captain America Bike, and Jim is one of them.   He’s a helluva good dude, and a bigger Easy Rider fan than I am.  I know the route, and Jim knows the movie, better than anyone.    Quality guy.   I’m a pretty good judge of character, and I count the guy as a friend.    Looked through thousands of pictures I’ve never seen, and saw his Bikes.   Very cool. hit me up and asked me to review one of their jackets.    I fought them a bit, saying I’m not that kind of blog.    I don’t blog to make money, I blog to document my my favorite religious experience, which is riding.   After telling them I wasn’t going to gush over a $90 retail jacket, they assured me I can be honest with my review, so I will.     I’ll ride in it for a week and see what they say.     They may end up sending out a hit for me, I don’t know.

I’ll get caught up, I swear.

Monday Off

I’m off today.   Took off Thursday and Friday too.   I did roll in on Thursday off the clock and had the biggest sale I’ve ever had.  I had a conference call a board and CEO of a pretty big Boston Mass Company.    At one point in the conversation, they were impressed a Utahn knew how to use the word “Mass-Hole” correctly.    I want to thank my Massachusetts friends for that.  They laughed, The conversation turned, and I ended up landing the deal.

Today I’m not doing anything.   Last day off.    I’m looking forward to hitting it tomorrow.    I dig my job.