Why don’t you show up and make it alright

Led Zeppelins last.   Some say it sucked, but I say it was a completely bitchen album.   1979.    They wouldn’t be much longer after this.   One of my favorite Zeppelin songs, and methinks a great road tune.

Of every glove that laid him down or cut him till he cried out.

Here’s a good one.   Saw the new Reese Witherspoon movie with the missus tonight, and it had some Simon & Garfunkel in it.   Forgot how much I enjoyed this  band.

Its freezing, and my bike has a flat tire

Not good.   Wouldn’t fly in summer, but it’s winter and apparently I’m too much of a pussy to ride on streets with ice at the intersections.   Thus, my motivation to fix it has waned.      I got a few months to get it right.  The battery tender is on it at least.  I got faith she’ll start when I need her to.

Work is going good.   Made employee of the month last week for the month of December.   They took a picture, gave me some gift cards, and I got a reserved parking spot that the snow plows push all the snow into.    There’s some young and killer sales guys there, but my manager said some nice things about me that made me feel pretty good.   I really like where I work.   I like the people that I sell to.    Bluehost is a great company.




Apparantly I have nothing better to do today.

Other than surf YouTube.   It’s my day off.   Lined up a big sale to close for tomorrow I’ve been working on a for a while, so I’m happy about that.

This is another pretty good road song.   When you’re out in the middle of nowhere, twisting a throttle and feeling the wind.    Some songs, in those situations are just better than others.

That chick at 2:45 in the video is fairly hawt.

Looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.


Throwback Thursday

It’s my day off, apparently.   I’m doing something productive, right after this post.   I swear.

I watched this shit as a kid on Saturday morning, and I loved it.  I think we woke up early so we could see it.    Seems kind of funny now.   Its when hippies finally admitted they needed jobs  and I guess started making TV shows.    Maybe it explains a thing.    I watched.

Remember Lidsville?  (back in the 70’s, a “lid” was an ounce of Marijuana).     Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster) was in this one.

Even if you don’t remember Lidsville, you probably remember this one if you’re old enough.   Wait, “Puff-n-Stuff?”   Huh?

This was probably my favorite.   I was into dinosaurs as a kid, so this was in my wheelhouse at the time.   I may have even been a  hair too old to be watching cartoons at the time.   Land of the Lost. Marshall, Will and Holly, on a routine expedition:


Your Wednesday is my Friday

It was 1980.   The sound of music of the time was changing, and apparently Alice Cooper wanted to be a part of it.   He made an album called Flush the fashion, and It remember when I came out and I kinda dug it back then, and apparently now.       He went back to his original formula soon thereafter, but this methinks is a pretty good song.

Listened to it on the drive home tonight.   It hit the spot.




Went to see Unbroken tonight with my brother & his wife, my wife, and my future son in law and my daughter.   It looked like a good flick, and my brother had read the book.

I knew that Angelina Jolie directed it, and knew barely anything about the story.   Bla bla bla… I honestly can barely give a shit about Angelina Jolie, and I really don’t think too much of Hollywood.  I watched it, and was almost critical of a true story.    The shit that I normally really love and am inspired by.    I suspected an angle, or that Jolie had cheapened it by being on the tabloids so much.    I was more excited that my brother got sick of having his chair kicked by a dude in an almost empty theater, and that he turned and called him on it, and that I was ready to help out if he didn’t go find another seat (which he did).

We drove home, a few exits away and come home and was still a bit bugged by it all.     Felt like I was missing something.    I was.   The real life story of Louis Zamperini is way more compelling.   These are the guys of the greatest generation, and Louis was one of the greats.


Good call Angelina.   I think I respect you just a little bit more, in the way that I have come to respect guys like Tom Hanks, who have done similar tributes.     Worth seeing I think.   The real story needs no hype, and is better than the movie.     Great men do great things all the time, and a man with strength of character wins the day.       I’ll watch this one again.