Stairway to heaven

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Somehow, I always seem to find my way back to this one.     Man, what a masterpiece.

Panheads Forever

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Great Song.    Sent to me by a friend.   Never heard it, but I get it.

Come Summer

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I’ma gonna find me some long side road on a map, that leads me to some proud little side  town, out in the middle of no where.    One of those towns where main street is 100 yards long.     Park the bike.  Ask the questions, and drink in the history.  I’ve kind of learned to spot em.  

I can almost see it now,  And to me, its a beautiful thing.  

Strike up a conversation with a long time local old guy, who’s knows his town.   They’re always willing to tell you their stories if you ask right, and the stories are always good, when  you pay attention.    Eat at the local greasy spoon.   Spend a couple of hours, watch people go by.

I’ll wonder how I’ll get home by Sunday night, Buy a tank of gas even if I don’t need it, just because I feel like I’m helping out a local  economy that needs a buck or two.

Then, kick up a foot peg, Twist the throttle and  play the Rolling Stones while I  think about what I just learned.

The next town is 30 more miles.



Blast from the past

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Surfing around youtube, and found this.    It still makes me laugh.   Jane, you Ignorant Slut:

Ice is off the road for the most part, and I’ve taken the bike for a few putts around the neighborhood.    I can’t wait till its all off, and I can make miles somewhere.    These are the worst months of the year thataway.    I really would enjoy a good long ride somewhere.


In my opinion, Harley Davidson is fucking things up.

I gotta get this out.

First off, the six gallon tank:    I get it, you gotta change something to sell more bikes.   but, the 5 gallon tank design has been around since 1934 and it looked pretty damn good.    Harley, you fucked that up.    I’m just going to say it.    You did that a few years ago.    It doesn’t look nearly as good as a 5 gallon tank.    You bloated the look.

And the 2014 bikes:     You changed the faring, and you changed the hard bags.     A vent?   You put a vent in the faring.    And your douche bags on the sales floor are telling me its for air flow, or some crap?   The whole bike is a vent.   It’s why we ride it.    hah, a vent??

Its a motorcycle.     The whole bike has adequate ventilation.      You can fart at 40 miles per hour and no one will notice, even your passenger.    The batwing faring has been around since the 60′s.    It worked and looked pretty good.

Now you rounded out the saddle bags on  your touring models.    Sorry, it looks honda-ish.

I hate the changes.    Change something else.

Harley is not the best bike out there.   In fact, its one of the worst, compared to a metric bike.    They’re slower, don’t last as long, and more expensive to fix and maintain.    even a fucking windshield bushing costs 25 dollars.     I buy it because of tradition.    I buy it because it looks like what my grandfather rode, or my dad rode.    You had it right in 1934.    Japanese bikes change every few years.    Don’t do what they do.   Change something else, not the look.


Whew!  I feel better :)

I’ve been looking for a full weekend off, and there hasn’t been one in sight for months it seems.

But its all good.

Smoked Cheese

More Smoked cheese today.


BACA internationals is in 3 days.    Fly out to Louisiana and do my thing with people that I consider family.       Flight is booked, and everything seems to be in place.      International merchandise is new for me, and I am looking forward to the challenge.

Smoking some cheese today.    I love a good Sunday.

What a fucking great song…



Christmas – 2013

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When I was 10 years old, I asked my mom for a TCR for Christmas.   Total Control Racing.     It was 1978.   I wasn’t sure I’d get it.

My mom drove all over northern Utah for find it.   It was the hot toy of the day, and she finally found on in Salt Lake City and had a lady try to wrestle the last one out of her hands, or so the story goes.

That was my best Christmas morning.    I was like Ralphie, peeling back the wrapping paper on his Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time.    My mom’s story, made it even better.

Today is Christmas day, my favorite of days.   The kids are all happy, we’re all together and just enjoying the day.   You can’t go anywhere, even if you wanted to;  everything is closed.   Christmas day is the shit.

My wife surprised me.    I asked for a B.A.C.A. ring.   I didn’t think she’d pull it off, but she did.     What a gal I married.     It was the best Christmas present ever.

There’s a turkey in the smoker, 24 hours of a Christmas story on TBS has been playing for almost 24 hours, the family is together and life is good.     We’ll sit down as a family and have a family dinner together as soon as this turkey is done.   

Hope you all had a merry Christmas.    I did.     Even if I hadn’t gotten a thing, this is still my favorite day.

This video makes me chuckle.   This song has been in my head for the last 2 days.   From one of my favorite bands:

My kids are excited.   These are the best of days.   My youngest still believes in Santa, and she tells me every day how many more days till Christmas.   She’s a smart kid at 10 years old, so I still wonder.    She’s smart enough that I think she’s playing her odds about Santa.

I think my favorite day of the year is Christmas Eve.   The family will all be together, we chill out, cook food, have 24 hours of the Christmas story on all of the TV’s and listen to the Christmas music that we’ve all enjoyed over the years.   A candlelight  Christmas dinner with our finest ware in the evening.     Its always been a  helluva day.    I’m a king I tell ya!

Merry Christmas to all you biker pricks.   May the holidays be as good to you as they’ve been to me.



Merry Christmas.     It’s less than a week away.    Are you ready?   I sincerely hope its a good one for you.   From me and mine, to you and yours.    If you’re not feeling it by now I gotta think your wick is wet:

One of my favorites: