Steve McIntyre

The missus and I went to to the local Hockey game last night.   Great game.    We both love hockey.   Had a good night, had a dinner and a drink, and watched the Grizzlies win in overtime.   She knows hockey, maybe better than I do.      We drove home, basking in the win.   Talked of getting season tickets.


Noticed this morning that one my favorite Penguins was on this team.   Steve McIntyre.    That man could fight.   Maybe a few of  the best fights I’d seen in the NHL.

2011-11-23_MacIntyreSteve McIntyre could lay the lumber.

There’s good stories everywhere, if you just pay attention.     Steve McIntyre is 34 now, got assigned down to a ECHL team, and I gotta think is near the end of  his career.    When he was with the penguins, the man just made me smile.    You couldn’t wait for what he would do.    He stood out.    A favorite.  You didn’t want all of him.

Glad he’s with the Grizzlies.    I’m even more of a fan now.   One tough sumbitch.

Support your local Grizzlies.    Yeah, maybe Season tickets…



In hockey, you gotta be a quarterback, a safety, a linebacker and a wide receiver  in the span of a 50 second shift.    All while your teammates are trying to do the same thing.

My sport is better than your sport.   Lets Argue.

Yeah, Sick.

Who the fuck are you?

This song will help you merge your car faster on the way into work, get like 5 more horsepower out of your bike, and will also help you conceive at least one more kid (if you’re tryin’).

Ya gotta love The Who.

Why don’t you show up and make it alright

Led Zeppelins last.   Some say it sucked, but I say it was a completely bitchen album.   1979.    They wouldn’t be much longer after this.   One of my favorite Zeppelin songs, and methinks a great road tune.

Of every glove that laid him down or cut him till he cried out.

Here’s a good one.   Saw the new Reese Witherspoon movie with the missus tonight, and it had some Simon & Garfunkel in it.   Forgot how much I enjoyed this  band.

Its freezing, and my bike has a flat tire

Not good.   Wouldn’t fly in summer, but it’s winter and apparently I’m too much of a pussy to ride on streets with ice at the intersections.   Thus, my motivation to fix it has waned.      I got a few months to get it right.  The battery tender is on it at least.  I got faith she’ll start when I need her to.

Work is going good.   Made employee of the month last week for the month of December.   They took a picture, gave me some gift cards, and I got a reserved parking spot that the snow plows push all the snow into.    There’s some young and killer sales guys there, but my manager said some nice things about me that made me feel pretty good.   I really like where I work.   I like the people that I sell to.    Bluehost is a great company.