Tour Art

One of the best things about doing motorcycle tours is the people  you meet and get to ride with.   Especially for 2 weeks straight.   You hit the same heat, rain, bad roads and sites together, and in creates a bit of a bond between everyone.   It’s pretty unique to anything else like this I’ve ever done.  To me,  Its very cool.

I recently got a picture from one of the guys who ran the Easy Rider Tour with us last summer.    It’s a watercolor of all of us from the 2015 tour.   Framing it and putting it in the man cave…  Figgered I’d share.



21 days under the sky

Flipping through Netflix this weekend, looking for something inspiring to watch.    For me, it’s always a crap shoot.   I don’t love what the world produces most days, movie wise.   Sometimes, you can find a pony in a pile of shit.   I think this one is a stallion.

I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be famous, but for a road junkie like me it was a huge b-12 shot in the arm.  I think it sorta woke me up.  It’s guys out there who put the time and love into old bikes, and want to go see a place.

21 Days Under the Sky – Full Trailer from Fox Digital Studio Group on Vimeo.

I’ve been pouring over maps the last few days, measuring miles from my point A to a lot of point B’s.     Its getting to be riding season.    Time to go see a thing myself and feel some wind.

Time to ride.


Halsteads Blackjack Inn – Nevada

There’s something about Nevada that I love.   Its mostly nothing but a 2 lane, straight ass highway through most of it, with a few little surprises along the way.   To me, its a great road trip.   There something strong about the desert that I love.   Whether you’re a lizard, a cow or a human being – You have to adapt and be tough if you live out here.    I likey.

A few road candy Icons along the way — The Stage stop Bar and Cafe.    From the looks of it, its pretty much closed down.   It’s out in the middle of nowhere, and if you have stories I’d love to hear em:

Stage Stop Bar Cafe Nevada

One more place was the club 50 in McGill Nevada.    It looks like it hasn’t had a guest in a while.

Halsteads BlackJack Inn Nevada10

The Club Cafe McGill Nevada

The Club Cafe McGill Nevada

Club 50 McGill Nevada

The Club 50 Cafe in the 80’s

We Stayed the night at the Hotel Nevada in Ely.   The missus and I gambled a bit, had a few drinks and enjoyed the night.    We Stayed in the Tennessee Ernie Ford Room.   Heh, the Lusty Land….

Halsteads BlackJack Inn Nevada16

Easy Rider Poster Hotel Nevada

They had an Autographed Easy Rider Poster in the Lobby.   You can tell this is a classy joint.    

We woke up in the AM and headed out into the most empty road you’d ever want to know.  I swear in 180 miles, we passed 2 cars.

The Halstead BlackJack Inn:   I wished I knew the story of this place.    I’ve heard from a few friends that it was open as late as 20 years ago, but it doesn’t look like it to me.   This is a pretty old building, and from the siding it looks like it was built in the 40s.    If anyone knows a story or two here, I’d love to hear it.  The last time I was here was 2008, and its changed a little.  Please post below — There’s some ghosts here, and I’d love to know a thing about this remote place.

Halsteads BlackJack Inn Nevada17

Halsteads BlackJack Inn Nevada27


Halsteads BlackJack Inn Nevada28

Halsteads BlackJack Inn Nevada24

Halsteads BlackJack Inn Nevada18

Halsteads BlackJack Inn Nevada19

Halsteads BlackJack Inn Nevada23

Halsteads BlackJack Inn Nevada22

Halsteads BlackJack Inn Nevada21

Halsteads BlackJack Inn Nevada20

Halsteads BlackJack Inn Nevada25

Halsteads BlackJack Inn Nevada26

McGill Nevada Drugstore is a Time Machine

McGill Nevada.    Its an old  company mining town of about a thousand people, and like a lot of small towns in Nevada – It’s got a lot of old history.

We rolled through here a couple of weeks ago and found an old drugstore that started in 1907, and finally closed its doors about 40  years ago in 1979.   We poked around and managed to find the caretaker of this place and gave him a call.   He was pretty gracious, and came down and turned on the neon signs and gave us the nickel tour and  history of this place.    I was eating it up — It was like I’d stepped back in time.

The owner wished to preserve this place, and left things just as they are; Products, pharmacy records, advertising — everything.    Daniel was a great tour guide, and told us stories of McGills history, and his time in the military with Chuck Yeager, who’d learned to fly not far from McGill before he went and broke the sound barrier a few years later.

Pretty cool.    I remember a lot of these products and advertising when I was a kid.   If you ever get a chance to go to McGill, this place is worth a stop at:



























































Easy Rider and the Jail in Taos New Mexico

Over the last few  years, I’ve had people tell me they’ve been to the Jail in Taos where the inside Jail Scenes were filmed in Easy Rider.   The Outside scenes were filmed in Las Vegas  NM, and its pretty hard to dispute.

The jail on the north side of Taos Plaza is not the same place from the movie.   The bones are all wrong, the bars, the walls.  Nothing matches up.   I hate to ruin a good story the locals (and some actor prick I won’t mention the name of) tell about the movie, but its not true.   Ray Charles could see this.

This is the Jail in Taos Plaza — Check out the steel walls, and bars on the cells.   You’ll see the difference:


Taos County Jail Easy Rider 1

Taos County Jail Easy Rider 2

Taos Easy Rider Jail Scene 5

These are the scenes from Easy Rider, where Billy and Wyatt met Jack Nicholson.   They played Every fair in this part of the country, and for top dollar too :

Easy Rider jail Scene Taos 1

Easy Rider jail Scene Taos 2

Easy Rider jail Scene Taos 3

I have one more place to Try.    I need to get down to Taos and check it out.    It’s either an old drunk tank that has been torn down, or it’s the older jail.

Another mystery to figger out on the bike.   A cheap excuse to point the bike toward Taos.     I love summer.