First lazy Saturday I’ve had for a while.   I’m doing nothing today, and its wonderful.   *cough*, sorry… its fucking wonderful.

Tomorrow we fire up the smoker!

Hard to beat…


Bicycles…. pffft….

I gotta admit, this sorta made me smile.    Friggin’ bicyclists….

We have a ride about 30 minutes from my house called the Alpine loop.   Its a one lane, twisty road that goes over the top of a mountain.   Gorgeous scenery.    Its one of those roads where everyone plays nice and works through the blind spots and the fact that there’s only one late with not a lot of places to pass.     Its always full of cyclists.

One time I was a few miles away from the peak and a particularly arrogant yuppie cyclist wouldn’t let me pass.   I Know he heard me, and I even barked at him a couple of times, shouting for him to “share the road”.   nope, He wanted the whole road.   No big deal, I putted the 15 mph while he weaved back and forth hogging the whole road.  This guy had spent probably more than an hour peddling uphill to get to the point he could coast down on the other side.    I edged him at the top and passed him (my 800 pound bike forced the issue), and then I got in front of him and made him go 15 mph all the way down the mountain.   I could hear him swearing at me.   Too bad he couldn’t see my huge smile from the back of my head.

pffft…. Bicyclists.

Easy Rider Tour

Just got this today — Its a promo the documentary crew made for EagleRider from the footage they shot from the tour I guided last summer summer.   Kinda cool.   I’m the portly bald guy on the red Indian.   Made some friends, had a helluva lot of fun.


I wanna go back.   Summer is nigh — I think its time to fucking ride a place.

The Monkees – She Makes me Laugh

I saw last night that the Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork of the Monkees came out with a new song yesterday.    I listened to the song a couple of times, and it was been in my head all day.    Light, fairly catchy and pretty Monkee Like:   If you’re not careful, it could put a little smile on  yer face.

Also, yesterday I brought my computer into this decade. I’m pretty excited about it The parts came last night, and I finished putting it together it tonight.     I’ll admit it, I’m a computer geek.    I’d like to think I’m one of the cooler computer geeks out there, but still a geek.   Fuckit.   I like it, and this thing hauls ass.     I need to render high resolution video for my drone, and the old machine wasn’t cutting it.

The CPU cooler on this thing is bigger than the Oil Cooler on my Harley.


Hope y’all have a good weekend!     I’m going to stay up all night and play with this beast.   Fast computers make my nipples hard.

Blast from the past

I got asked by the Easy Rider documentary crew to find some old bike pictures, and after a few days of digging through old boxes I managed to come up with some.  I scanned em, and figgered I’d share.

Since motorcycles were invented it seems a certain few have gravitated toward them; I’m not sure why.    “Freedom” always seems to be a little too cheap of an answer.    I gotta think its deeper than that.    I got no idea.    I swear, there just may be a fucking biker Gene.

I always find it interesting to see why people ride, and ask the questions of why they connect with riding a two wheeled contraption that may become a magnetic force in their life.    I’m not sure I’ve ever found the common denominator;   All I know is if you love it, you’ll always love it.  It ends up being a part of you.    If you don’t, someone is gonna buy your bike with 800 miles on it out of your garage and make it his own, and you move on to other things….

Anyway, here’s some old pictures and such….

Road testing our camping gear in Bryce Canyon Utah.    

Red Arch Road Tunnel, near Bryce Canyon.


Camping somewhere near Lake Mead Nevada…

Mrs Zip and I, 1990 heading out to go find route 66 for the first time…

Heading out!


Dawn at a campground in Barstow California.   Heading out…

Outside Oatman Arizona.

Roys Cafe, Amboy California. We had lunch with  original owner of this place, and he told us some old stories of Route 66 back in its heyday.  

South Rim of the Grand Canyon!

Mrs Zip and I. Right before we got married .  Halloween 1990.  


Got some old biker pictures and stories?   I’d love to see em!   Send them to or post em here.