Long Beach to St. George Utah

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Randy was in St George, and I was waiting for my new seats to come in from Honda & when they came, I loaded up and headed for Home. Made 270 Miles & stayed in vegas with my sister, then headed into St. George the next day. Driving across the desert on my bike listening to “a horse with no name” was awesome. It was really hot, and didnt stop much except to stretch my legs & get a pop, etc.

Before I made this trip, the idea of driving on the freeway made me a bit paranoid. By the time I made it to Victorville, I was over that forever.

Long Beach to San Gabriel Mtns.

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Bought the bike today & went to the San Gabriel Mtns with Randy. Randy Didnt bring a sleeping bag. We rode for 4 hours & slept about 50 yards from the side of the road. Randy Woke up frozen about 1 AM and we drove all night to get home, fighting to stay awake. Went to Denny’s trying to gear ourselves up for the long ride home and were dead tired. The ride home was great. Normally busy streets were empty & we flew the whole way. I am hooked.