Captain America and Billy didn’t screw around. (click picture for more Info)

I’ve had quite a few questions via email about the route that Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda rode in the 1969 Movie Easy Rider, and for the last couple of years I’ve ridden and researched it.   The movie cemented me as a rider for life at a young age.  Anyway, here it is.   Since it’s a movie, it hops around a bit, but here’s the route:

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If you do this trip, do it right.   A couple of tips: First off, Don’t sell coke to finance your trip.    If you do, don’t tell anyone.   Definitely don’t put coke money in your gas tank, because It’ll lower your gas mileage.    If you want to go to Mexico and pretend to buy coke in an old truck, knock yourself out.   Put it in 2 motorcycle batteries and go sell it to Someone who looks like Phil Spector in front of the runway at LAX.    Phil would probably still buy it from you, but he’s busy now with his murder trial.   Don’t be offended if he fails to calls you back.   That’s how Phil rolls.

LAX then. The deal is done, count the cash and head out of town…

LAX from Easy Rider Today

This is looking west toward runway 25L.

This is looking west toward runway 25L.

Runway 25L today.

Runway 25L today.

(Special thanks to Wild Bill Carr for taking time to take  the “today” shots and info)

Technically, you could start at LAX, but the real riding started in Death Valley.     They we’re caging it in LAX.   If you know the whole story of Billy and Wyatt they we’re headliners, baby.     They had a stunt riding side show and decided to bust out, make a run for the big cash and go looking for America.

Start out in Ballarat.   Ditch the watch

Start out in Ballarat. Ditch the watch

Start out by going to Death Valley.  Ballarat, Specifically.  Ballarat is a pretty cool place, with it’s own bit of history like the gravestone of Seldom Seen Slim, and the Barker Ranch where Charles Manson family laid low after the nights they made the history books.   Tex Watson’s  truck is still there.    Supposedly there’s hippie graffiti still inside, but I didn’t look that close.    There’s a house in Ballarat where Captain America put the dollar bills in a tube in the tank, and where you can ditch your watch.

Chuck Manson's Ride.   He was a dick.   Serious Dick.

Chuck Manson’s Ride. He was a dick. A Serious Dick.

Be sure to take your watch and chuck it by the side of the road because if you’re going on this ride, You need to disregard time.   It’s Easy Rider man, don’t screw this up.  Find the house, and you’ll know what to do.

Ok, Watch this. It’s gonna set the tone for this whole run you’re gonna make:

Fire all of your guns at once and explode into space brother. Lets go.

Ride on out of Ballarat and head down through Boron California (Home of 20 Mule Team Borax and the Movie Erin Brockovich).  Be sure and stop at the museum there in Boron, it’s actually pretty cool.    Then head to  Barstow.    From Barstow,  head east on 1-40, staying on as much of Route 66 as possible, because that would be the route they took since 1-40 wasn’t officially designated until 1984.    In 1969, it was all route 66 baby!    It’s pretty well marked and If you need more mappage of what the road was like in the route 66 heyday, there’s quite a bit here.    I ride it at least 3 to 5 times a year, and it’s pretty well documented on this site.   Kick the tires and look around.

Anyway, head toward Amboy.   Stop at Roy’s and get gas, because you know they stopped there with 2 gallon Peanut gas tanks.  Roy’s is one of the coolest places on the mother road.   Take some pictures of the 50’s retro sign and head on down the road.   Roy’s is a route 66 original and is in the process of getting resurrected to it’s former glory.   Roy’s is the Shit.

Harley Davidson, Meet Roys - Amboy Route 66

My FLHX in Amboy.   Roy’s is a Route 66 Classic.   Captain America And Billy would have surely gotten gas here.

Keep riding through Route 66,  stay to your right and get back on Interstate 40.  head up through downtown needles and back onto 40.

If you want to check out a cool scene from the movie get off past needles at Park Moabi.   All the buildings are gone now, but you’ll recognize this scene:   Ride it.

Park Moabi Exit after Needles you'll recognize this Scene.

Park Moabi Exit after Needles you’ll recognize this Scene

Get back on 1-40 (Route 66 from 1966 to 1974) and cross the Mighty Colorado river at the state line.    You’ll notice the bridges there even though theyve changed a bit since 1969.    If you don’t, rewatch the credits of the movie again.   You should recognize it  immediately if you’re paying attention.   This was the part  of the movie that I knew I was an Easy Rider fan for life.   Bust out your Steppenwolf, and dig where you are going.    You’re an Easy Rider.

Keep going on 1-40.   At Kingman, get off the freeway and follow the signs to ride the longest un-interrupted stretch of Route 66 that still remains today.   It ran from the 1920’s untill 1979.     It’s well marked, just follow the signs.

Easy Rider Through Route 66

Take Route 66 Through Kingman.   You can’t hardly miss it.

The place where Billy and Wyatt fixed their bike tire and had lunch was supposedly in Valentine Arizona.     I’ve found no evidence of this, but it makes sense, since Valentine is an Indian Reservation (“my wife’s a catholic, ya know” – Remember that scene?)   Granted, this was on Day two of the movie, and you still haven’t gotten through the movie credit part of the ride, but that’s how movies go.  Valentine is on the Hualapai Indian Reservation and is on route 66.   The terrain also looks the same.   I’m a bettin’ man, and I bet it was there.

Head through Valentine, stop at the Grand Canyon Caverns (its cool), then  go into Seligman.  Stop at the Snow Cap at the edge of town and eat the best hamburger with the best service you’ve ever had.  The Snow Cap has been there since the 50’s.   It’s another route 66 icon.    Don’t get on the freeway yet at Seligman, ask any local where Crookton road is and head down that instead to stay on what was route 66 until 1979.   You’ll squeeze out another 16 miles of route 66 on a great road if you do it my way, when the signs told you to get back on the interstate.    It’s what Captain America and Billy would have done.

Get off the freeway and ride through Williams Arizona when you see the signs.   Williams is the last town to be officially bypassed in 1984 by interstate 40, so you gotta see it.   It’s still got the flavor of how it was in 1969.  You’ll dig it.   Get back on Interstate 40 East when you’re done, and head on down the highway…

"hey man, you got a room?"

“hey man, you got a room?”

Pine Breeze Inn Today. Click Picture for more info

By the time you hit Bellemont, pull off.    Get some free coffee at the Harley dealership, stop at the bar and grille next door and see the original No Vacancy Sign hanging as you walk into the bar.   Since I’m giving you this information completely free of charge,  I think it would be a nice touch for you to order a Guinness in the name of Mr Zip, flirt with the bartender and head a quarter mile up the road to the Pine Breeze Motel to see where billy and Wyatt we’re denied a room their first night.   The bartender gal there is a sweetheart, and I’m fairly short and reasonably ugly.   You’ll do better than I did.

The Pine Breeze Inn

The Pine Breeze Inn – You may be able to sleep where Billy and Wyatt Couldn’t

Ask the bartender if you can pull out a sleeping bag at the Pine Breeze, or ask the current proprietor at the Pine Breeze if he’s there.   If you want to be hardcore you’ll sleep a few miles up the road by a campfire; If you want to stay where Dennis and Peter stayed, get back on the freeway and head the 10 miles into flagstaff and stay at the Americana Inn.    You have a choice:  Stay whereBilly and Wyatt camped in the movie, or stay where actors and crew in real life slept.   Either way, I don’t care.   If you’ve come this far, you’re obviously a biker I’d love to ride with.   It’s ALL good.   You’re goin’  down to Mardi Gras to get you a Mardi Gras Queen.  Start yourself a fire and kick back.

The film crew stayed at the Americana Inn

The Easy Rider film crew stayed at the Americana Inn

500 biker points if you sleep by the side of the road.   If you’re a rich urban biker in your new Harley leathers, playing easy rider for the weekend, stay at the Americana Inn.     This is an easy Rider Journey, man up and sleep under the stars.   When you get to New Orleans you can get a real room and bust out some of that cash and get a groovy dinner.  Right now, you gotta start this out right.

Funny story.   Peter Fonda told the story of staying the night at the Americana Inn and his arms we’re so stiff from ape hanging on a hard tail all day, that he couldn’t pull his beer up to his mouth.    He’d also put his leathers in the bathtub and soaked them down to give them a more weathered look, so at the end of the day his legs we’re black from the dye.

Route 66 ends where Interstate 40 cuts it off not far past the Pine Breeze inn, so double back and head East on 1-40 towards Flagstaff.  Get off at Deer Farm exit and road and ride up through Parks Arizona to get back on old 66 and ride down the main street in Flagstaff a few miles later if you really want to stay true to route.     Turn North on highway 89 at Flag.    When you see the sign for  Sunset Crater, head east there and  Ride up through Waputki National Monument, Pick up a hippie (there may be one, I don’t know for sure).  Queue “I wasn’t born to follow” on your ipod for the full effect.

Camp at Wupatki National Monument, start a fire, climb on ruins, and bring bail money.   Hopefully the hippie is an attorney.

Camp at Wupatki National Monument, start a fire, climb on ruins, and bring bail money. Hopefully the hippie is an attorney.

You’ll need to ride clear through Waputki, double back and get back on 89 and head south to stop at the Sacred Mountain Gas Station.   It used to be a gas station, but now it’s the home of someone.   He’s a pretty cool guy.   He will more than likely tell you some good stories.     He may not.   Not many people notice his house nowadays, and you may get shot.    I don’t know.  Either way, you’re on an adventure.   Tell the hippie on your bitch saddle he owes you a tank of gas.

Sacred Mountain Gas Station from Easy Rider

Sacred Mountain Gas Station from Easy Rider

Sacred Mountain From Easy Rider Movie

Sacred Mountain Gas Station Today.

From Sacred Mountain, head north.    Hit “the weight” by the band and listen to it as you ride.    Its a great song.   Turn at hwy 16o and ride through Monument valley at dusk if you time it right.     In the movie, that road ends up at Wupatki, but in real life it’s doesn’t.     You’re probably not riding a hard tail chopper, so keep going until you hit Farmington New Mexico and crash for the night.    Drink beer, laugh, do whatever.   At this point you’re well into your easy rider trip.

If you want to be hardcore and drop off the hippie, you’ll have to swing a bit wide and head into the Malibu hills in California and look for a commune.  Mulholland to be exact.   Good luck finding one.  Dennis Hopper wanted to film at the New Buffalo Commune, but  Wavy Gravy and his people  weren’t into it, so the re-created the commune in Malibu.   Look for Dan Haggerty.   If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you haven’t watched the movie Easy rider and you’re a pussy.    Put your Mike’s Hard lemonade down, Turn your bike around, and head back to LA.    Go eat sushi and buy yourself a Vespa.

You knew this guy smoked alot of weed.   Too much.

You knew this guy smoked alot of weed. Way Too much Weed…

Grizzly Adams can ride.   Can you?

Grizzly Adams can ride.    Flat out.  He was also one of the guys on the crew that watched and took care of the 2 Easy Rider bikes.

Head into Taos.    There’s several scenes in Taos, including the scene where they head into the commune, as well as the location where they shot the inside jail scenes.    I’m not sure of the jail location.    The opening scene where they bought the drugs in the truck at the cantina was shot here as well (not in Mexico).     Lots of Easy Rider in Taos.

From Taos, head into Las Vegas New Mexico.   You’ll see the jail if you’re looking.  Parade without a license here, because thats where that scene was shot.   The outside of the jail, and the spot where Jack Nicholson (George) took his first drink of the day was here as well.

The Jail in Easy Rider from the Movie

The Jail in Easy Rider from the Movie

The Jail in Las Vegas NM from Easy Rider Today

The Jail in Las Vegas NM from Easy Rider Today

Take some Jim Beam With you, for obvious reasons.  Toast to ol’ D.H. Lawrence (the crew supposedly slept on his grave the night before in Taos)  NIC NIC NIC FUT FUT FUT!…… INDIANS!     That’s right, you know what I’m talking about.      Dream of the finest whorehouse in the south at Madam Tinkertoys House of Blue Lights.   These are no porkchops, these are Grade A Prime…

The “If you wanna be a bird” sequence by the Holy Modal Rounders was filmed through Coyote New Mexico.

Remember, stop somewhere while listening to “don’t bogart that Joint” and pee on the side of the road.   Anyplace will work.     Also: You better not be wearing fingerless gloves and assless chaps man, not on this trip.

The rest of the route is a bit Hazy until you hit Morganza Louisiana.    In 1969, the film crew was advised against being a long hair in the South, but Dennis Hopper was determined to do whatever he wanted film wise, so they went anyway.     Not much is filmed in Texas as far as I can see, so head toward Morganza.     If you can find the Cafe in Morganza where the young girls and the sheriff and rednecks we’re, you’re a better man than me, because the locals who knew the place said it got torn down a couple of years ago.   In October 2010 they put up a plaque at the site of Melanchon’s Cafe to commemorate the making of the movie and the locals that were involved.  Keep riding, it’s pretty easy to get a feel of 1969 Morganza.

Did anyone else think this kid was a 100% pud in the movie?   Yeah, he's a pud.

Did anyone else think this kid was a 100% pud in the movie? Yeah, he’s a pud.

The rednecks in Morganza were real locals.    Dennis told the crew to tell them that he, Jack  and Peter had raped a girl outside of town before they started filming to get a real reaction of hate from them.   One thing to remember, is other that a loose premise, Easy Rider wasn’t scripted.   They made it up as they went, and most of the cast would tell you that Dennis Hopper was generally insane in those days.    Dennis later said when they rode off from the Cafe scene that was the one time they were scared and wondered if they pushed it too far.    They’d heard stories of long hairs getting whacked in Texas and Louisiana.    You shouldn’t have the same problem, unless you get way out of line.   Head south.

Head south out of Morganza,  Hit the 190 and then west till you hit Opelousas, then south.   If you’re ready, you’ll have Jimi Hendrix Queued as you hit Franklin Louisiana.    Remember the song?  Thats right old-schoolers, if a six became a nine.   Find the bridge, stop, and queue that puppy for proper listening.

I want to thank my Cajun Friend Johnny for the modern day pictures of Franklin.    You sir, are the man.   I owe you a round of beers Man.

Our Hero's riding down the streets of Franklin

Our Hero’s riding down the streets of Franklin

Franklin LA Today.   Looks good to me

Franklin LA Today. Looks about the same…

Ben Franklin Store from the Movie.  Remember these?

Old Theater, then Ben Franklin Store from the Movie.          Remember Ben Franklin?

Old Theater and Ben Franklin Today.  Do you see it?

Old Theater and Ben Franklin Today. Do you see it?

Downtown Then...

Downtown Franklin Then…

Downtown Franklin Now...

Downtown Franklin Now…

One more Shot.

Old Courthouse, Franklin Louisiana Then...

Old Courthouse, Franklin Louisiana Then…  (notice the building being built behind the old courthouse)

Old Courthouse is gone.   This is how it looks like today...

Old Courthouse is gone. This is the old building that was being built in 1969

Then head on into New Orleans.   Go to where Mardi Gras is.    Now its time for Madam Tinkertoy and Groovy Dinners.   Its Mecca man!  You’ve reached the Glory Hole.   Party like a rockstar, do whatever you do, because tomorrow you’re going to get shot by a short redneck with a Goiter on his neck.    I’m not trying to be  a downer, I’m just sayin’.      It could happen.    You’re almost there.

The scenes in Mardis Gras we’re filmed a month after Mardis Gras had ended.  The parade scenes they shot with friends and some stock footage.   Watch the movie again and you’ll notice.    They also shot these scenes first.   You may have better luck with Mardi Gras then they did if you time it right.

While you’re in Nawlins, pull out your 80’s CD of Tony Basil singing “mickey”.   C’mon, you know you have one.   In 1969 she played a prostitute in Easy Rider.   In the 80’s, she was a one hit wonder with fat cheerleaders.     Hey Mickey!

Easy Rider Ended in Krotz Springs Louisiana.

Easy Rider Ended in Krotz Springs Louisiana.

Once you had your fill of New Orleans, Double back and head towards Krotz Springs Louisiana.   You’ll notice the Levees on LA 105.    That’s where this great movie ends, only you’ll survive.   Now’s the time to bust out a cigar if you have one, because you made it to the end of the movie.    Call a loved one and tell em you’re coming home.   Queue the ballad of easy rider and head on out of town.   You’re gonna retire in Florida Mister!   If a man with a goiter shows, get the hell out of there.

This thread is over.   Im going to end it all of a sudden, just like my favorite Movie, Easy Rider.   Don’t blow it.

Dennis Hopper Flipping the bird from Easy Rider

Adios, Amoebas



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222 Responses to “Route from the 1969 Movie Easy Rider”

  1. Affer Says:

    What a blog! What a great bit of research!!!! You are in a seriously good groove, man!

  2. Trevor Hilton Says:

    I’m sure just about everyone who rides, regardless of brand, wants to ride the route taken in that movie. I like the riding scenes. But, I think the story line was kind of simplistic. Two hippies riding across the country, and getting shot to death at the end.

    But, I’m a tea-totaler. It’ll be hard for me to REALLY recreate the movie that way. Oh well.

  3. Dick Prince Says:

    I Love this. Living in AZ and riding across the us many times, I can recognize lots of the places. We live for two lane road. Thanks, for the time and effort you put into this.

  4. Ian Parrish Says:

    Wow!!!! Great work on this man.I’ve always wondered what thier actual route was and now I can see it laid out on the map you put up.Excellent!! One day my brother and i will take this trip on our bikes,we’ve been wanting to since we were kids.Take care and always feel the wind in your face….Thanx.Ian

  5. Jim Says:

    Thank you for the research time you put into this! What a great ride that would be. Now I have to watch the movie again!

  6. Roadhog Says:

    The redneck diner scene was actually shot in Houma, La and I've been in that "restaurant." That was 40 yrs ago and I'm ashamed I forgot the name of it. We traveled south to the shrimping village of Dulac, which is nearly identical to Forrest Gump's trawler's "harbor." Great story here! You've done a fantastic job and you've a great sense of humor. Have you seen Hopper in Blue Velvet? Enjoy!

  7. MrZip66 Says:

    Thanks Roadhog. Both Hopper and Fonda said in interviews it was in Morganza, so thats where I got the info. If that restaurant is still there, I'd love to get a picture of it. You may be right.

  8. SaebrCow Says:

    Route 66 goes through Amarillo TX!!

  9. BLKBRD Says:

    Excellent job. Made me wanna go ride, so i did! I hope you don’t mind, but i linked this over to the XLForum. They loved it!

  10. mongoose Says:

    Excellent! Wish I lived closer, I’d ride those roads often.

  11. miami rice Says:

    I’m leaving today see you at tinkertoys!

  12. Rod Says:

    Very Kool

  13. Doc Says:

    This is a really great site and your research is appreciated. As for the Easy Rider bikes, the Captain America especially the history is that it was actually a black guy that designed and built it but was never given credit for it except on American Thunder. They movie had two one was stolen and never was found again, probably parts scattered to the wind??? The other one was crashed and latter given to Dan Haggerty to restore, he began to reassemble it but never finished. Later it was restored by Dave Ohrt, and has been authenticated by both Haggerty and Fonda, and now lives at the National Motorcycle museum, in Iowa. Thanks to John Parham, Mr. J&P Cycles.

  14. Snakebit Sam Says:

    Thanks for posting this for all of us who the movie inspired to ride so many years ago. Hopefully some one out there will be able to fill in the empty spots.

  15. Lingo Says:

    I was only 9 when Easy Rider came out, but I bet I ‘ve watched it a hundred times. One of my all time favorites. It’s the reason I started riding Harleys. Thanks for all the work on this blog.

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  17. Dukeyman37 Says:

    A lot of time, effort, and teamwork. My bro and me are ridin out in 1 week, (May 15th), over 40 and lookin forward to some recovery after 16 days on the road. Learnin to be an Easy Rider.

  18. Bill Hunt Says:

    Great description and pictures of route. A friend and I are going to take the route with are panhead and knuckle when completed. Need a shot in the ass! Thx!!

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  20. Sal Paradise Says:

    Great stuff, man. I don’t ride, but respect what it must take. Good luck to all of the folks out there who take the trip.

  21. JaneRadriges Says:

    The article is ver good. Write please more

  22. Christopher Thrasher Says:

    Great blog, thank you for posting it. I am a historian working on an article about Easy Rider that compares how the film shows people reacting to Billy and Wyatt as opposed to how the locals actually treated the cast and crew. For example in Las Vegas New Mexico Billy and Wyatt were arrested. How did the locals actually respond to the actors? Can anyone provide any insight?

    I have watched the making of documentary “Shake the Cage” and while it was great I am looking for more information. Anything anyone can provide is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance,

  23. Johnny Says:

    I finally made it to Morganza yesterday, Sunday, June 14th, and ran into some old timers who remember the cafe well. One of them told me his mother was working there when they filmed. Sorry to say, but it was torn down 2 years ago. I wish I could have seen it. I also rode LA 105 from Simmsport all the way back to Krotzsprings. There were too many turns along the old highway to distinguish which area the last scene was shot at. Between Krotzsprings and Opelousas, I picked up a nail in the rear tire and had to call my wife to pick me up with the trailer. Sure am glad it didn’t happen on 105. There are some places that go for miles without civilization and my cell didn’t have service.

  24. Jim Leonard Says:

    Take a look at youtube…. easy rider revisited born to be wild … we are filming the locations then and now ,thought it might be of some interest.
    Also …easy rider revisited outtakes….I also have photos folks may be interested in if you would like them .
    Thank You for your time.


  25. SHOTS Says:

    well done…… well done!!!
    this is bitchen!!!!

  26. Slabking Says:

    I was 19 when I saw Easy Rider…and for the time and place that movie
    spoke to me and everytime I ride these days I wear a US flag handkerchief
    in memory of that movie, sounds corny, but Billy, and Captain American rule.
    What a Great Blog…WOW…thanks man!

  27. Slabking Says:

    This is the spot where Easy Rider ended in a shocking flaming murderous crash in Krotz Springs, LA

    Paste the link into your web browser,-91.761075&cbp=13,20.99,,0,4.87&ie=UTF8&ll=30.503358,-91.761031&spn=0,359.985141&t=h&z=17&panoid=eDZiELKUJKl7ccR0xZJD5A

  28. andrea pdx Says:

    If you are looking for that “stranger” on the highway, there’s a chance these days that you will see him shopping at his neighborhood food cooperative in the northwest neighborhood of Portland, Or.

    Luke Askew is still alive and well and still has an active acting career. You can see him in the HBO series Big Love playing a mormon godfather type character.

    He’s one of my favorite coop “celebrity” members. The other is science fiction writer Ursula Le Guin.

  29. BaldEagle Says:

    Anyone else notice the upside down American flag in front of the Ben Franklin? A little bit of anti-war message during the Vietnam War era. Great Website….really enjoyed it. This movie also inspired me to ride….it took over 30 years before I got around to it, but this is where it started.

  30. Ray Blanco Says:

    What about the Paul Bunyun In Tucson Az? That statue is still there on Stone and Glenn

  31. MrZip66 Says:

    The paul Bunyan was actually in flagstaff. It was vandalized and cut down in 2004.

  32. Big Poop Says:

    that was neat,I have the movie,one of my all time favorite biker shows.
    probably never get down there to actually ride the route, so watching this was great.

  33. grandpadoc Says:

    Have you read the book “Don’t Tell Dad” by Peter Fonda. He gives a lot of insights about this film and his dealings with Dennis Hopper.

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  35. philthy Says:

    Where is the steel bridge that Fonda & Hopper are riding across? It is in a lot of the posters that come out in ’69. I halfheartedly tried to find the bridge in ’03,when I come to U.S from Oz, but my bike broke down! Was it the Colorado river? Be cool to find out.

    From Mr Zip: It was at the colorado River by Topock at the UT/CA border.

  36. Bob Preston Says:

    That was the best read I have had for a while and you have done well. Often I have a Saturday where I watch a double Bill Movie, Easy Rider and the Wild One, with some booze and lay back. That movie changed my life at the age of 16 and a lot of others , back here in England most people rode bikes with clip-ons (small low bars) and the bikers were called Rockers , then this film came along and changed it all. How many times in your life have you said NIC NIC NIC FUT FUT FUT!…… INDIANS! Or Swamp!
    Bob Preston

  37. jm griffin Says:

    the cafe scene was in morganza if you zoom on the patch on the MAN’S shirt it says morganza (I have one of those patches)it was given to me by a friend who lives there,and yes the cafe has been torn down.

    thanks for the info I am planning to do the trip east to west starting on my birthday may 15 2010.

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  39. Bruno Fino Says:

    Only one word…… this web site is beautifull
    I write from Turin,Italy,i’ve a hd panhead of’56 chopper
    ,like Captain America,my best movie is Easy Raider…….
    Next year I RIDE to the route of the movie with my Bike……Soure…
    Congratulation for this site and…..sorry for my bad English language

  40. Michael Harley Says:

    Fantastic research and detailed info about the movie and locations. Very entertaining. Just as a note, the mesas and pinnacles of Monument Valley as shown in the movie are only visible from Hwy 163 heading north off of Hwy 160 at Kayenta, AZ. The mesas visible in the movie just as the it was getting dark is right at the border of AZ and UT. Thanks for putting this together. kudos!

  41. Shadowman Says:

    nice work been a long sence i watched the movie guess i need to go back and watch but you say they put the coke in the gas tank i thought they put the money form sell the coke in the gas tank

  42. Kahuna Says:

    Very nice job “Dude”. I’m thinking about going and smoking a J and then head out across America. LOL

  43. gatorgeorge Says:

    Far fuckin out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. kim Says:

    live by easy rider man! kim

  45. spanky Says:

    Well wow I’m from long island ny if any body out ther would like to meet at the starting point and do this journey call me and we will do it females or males don’t matter as long as you can stay on your slead for 12 hrs at a time lol lol 516 428-5315. Its SPANKY from ny

  46. Tommy D. Says:

    I've studied the film for years and this is the best reconstruction of the locations I have seen by far.
    One question: the LAX then & now photos. The film was shot on an airport access road just east of runway 25L, not on Aviation blvd., correct?? This is a private road but in 1969 it was public. You gotta know somebody to get to the exact spot….Great Job…outstanding!!!

  47. C Fell Says:

    I grew up in Franklin, Louisiana.. it was interesting when the movie came out how they seemed to be riding away from New Orleans when in the state.. I don't suppose Hopper did that on purpose? Probably because he wanted a different view..

    Wonderful job on this site!!

  48. Dustin Gardner Says:

    I was at the site of the Old Melancon’s Cafe last week as I live in the area. I can verify that it was torn down with just a few brick steps left at its base. We are having a commemorative event in New Roads, LA (just outside Morganza) if anyone’s in the area. We are raising funds for a state historical marker honoring the movie in Morganza. Email me if you want more info – the event is Nov 14th & 15th –

  49. Kent P Says:

    This weekend (November 14-15 2009) my cousin is filming a 40 year tribute to Easy Rider in Morganza, La. at the site of old cafe. Anyone around should show up!

  50. baa Says:

    I don't know if it was mentioned earlier, but they drove through Albuquerque, NM as well.

  51. George Says:

    Great work man! You did not blow it!

  52. Buzz Says:

    Wow! This really was awsome, It brings back lots of memories riding with my bros the LPMG out of Pomona,Ca. Thanks

  53. The Mad Hatter Says:

    When yah gonna do one for Vanishing Point…

    Go Kowalski Go…

  54. MrZip66 Says:

    I've studied the film for years, and love to see some pictoral evidence or otherwise of how they went through Albuqurque. If you have some, lay it on me brother.

  55. Easy Rider – Route From The Movie « We Love… Life Says:

    […] and locations to a generation. A Harley Davidson fanatic over at Mr Zip 66 has put together a guide to following the route Billy and Wyatt took from California to Louisiana. He kindly provides a few […]

  56. Smokyrt Says:

    What an awesome post. I was 18 and on my second bike when this first came out. Have tried to live the dream ever since, but this has inspired me to ride the ride before it is too late for me.

  57. Sinay Says:


  58. Tim Kreitz Says:

    This article is the cat's ass. Great work, man. Very groovy.

  59. Luther Says:

    AW Man !!!!!! They get shot at the end of the movie! Thanks for ruining for me.!!!!

  60. Lee Says:

    Great trip report! And I didn't remember that Billy knew the Adventure Rider salute back in 1969! LOL (Of course, it got him show)

    I was 16 when the movie came out and I saw it with friends at an old theater in downtown Beaumont, Texas (about 50 miles west of the Texas/Louisiana border). I've seen some of the Louisiana route and some of the northern Arizona stuff, too. (Hiked the Havasupai Falls trail a few years ago, which is just north of Rt. 66 on the reservation). Great scenery!

    And Luther, I don't think you complain when someone "ruins" the end of a 40-yeear old movie! LOL

  61. Dan Burke Says:

    Hey…I just bumped into your website…kool! "Easyrider" definitely got me interested in bikes. Always was a car/m-c guy. I watched the movie last year after not seeing it for a decade or two. It's definitely dated and pretty weird in places. Just like "Two Lane Blacktop." Kool but weird! Thanks for the map.

  62. Bonzo Says:

    Thank you for doing this. We came over from London last year and drove some of Route 66 (in a mustang, I'm afraid) and I watched the film again last week, so it was great being able to check out some of the places. Fantastic scenery and country – we love you!

  63. Barry - Moon Rider Says:

    Wow! What a great discovery on a cold winter night with snow on the ground. I am truly impressed. Got to plan this one out somehow from the east coast.

  64. Flo Says:

    very nice site! greetings from Munich, Germany!

  65. Notes from the road « Route 66 News Says:

    […] Alan Dunn, aka Mr. Zip66, saw his blog post about tracing the path taken in the classic 1969 motorcycle movie “Easy Rider” touted by Dunn deserves prominence for his post; his research was exemplary. The path […]

  66. USMCVet Says:

    Great website! "Easy Rider" was the first flick I saw after coming home from Vietnam. Talk about culture shock! Hehehehehe! I memorized every lyric to every song in this great movie, didn't cut my hair for 5 years and worked at a bar on Route 66 in Albuquerque for most of the 1970s. Thanks loads for all the work you put into this, Mr Zip66.

  67. Deo Says:

    Awesome work! Thank you! I feel the need to ride this route!

  68. Miguel Cárdenas Says:

    Lo felicito, la recopilación de imágenes y su comparación en el tiempo hace a uno revivir no solo la película, sino toda una época; la película la ví en 1971 y me gustó. Aunque en 1969 yo tenía solo 11 años de edad empezando la adolescencia a uno le quedan muchas cosas grabadas en la memoria. Le escribo desde Lima Perú, Sudamérica y sí, soy aficionado a las 2 ruedas, y aun guardo una mini Honda de 1975.

  69. Colonel Steve Says:

    I saw Easy Rider at the Drive In when I ws 16 years old. You have done a great job with the pics and research.

    Ride Safe!

  70. BAYOUREBEL Says:


  71. klapool Says:

    Very cool website, thanks for getting my riding season going in good order!

    Very enjoyable!

  72. fred Says:

    Has to be the best moveie of all time –well done , love the before and after shots and the classic Dennis Harper wave or was that sign language for see ya next time??

  73. Fat Bobber Says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! One of my favorite movies, and now this website! Thank you Mr Zip66.

  74. Carl Ottolini Says:

    FUCKIN RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. EHAMMER Says:

    Really great job on this Bro, Been ridin since 67 so know what this means, Have lived my life to enjoy this GREAT COUNTRY and travel around just this way, Thanks for what you did.

  76. danilo Says:

    Good job man from Italy.

  77. TomKatt Says:

    Great Stuff – When the movie 1st came out.. I watched it three times in a row. I still watch it a couple of times a year.. Fonda said, whenever they were filming in the desert – the movie crew was shooting out of the back of a stationwagon…
    They were running so slow, they had a hard time keeping their Harley's from melting.. On occasion they would have to zip around the stationwagon just to cool them off.. Man, you did good with the tracking the movie…. Makes me want to do it.. Excellent presentation!!! THX..

  78. Ginny Says:

    Well done…I love Easy Rider. I turn my nose up to other reruns, but never to Easy Rider!

  79. Melinda Luce Says:

    This is great.. what a wonderful job you did with this article.. the pics are great too!!!

  80. Josie Says:

    Cool Blog. Ride on!!

  81. Bruce Cox Says:

    I was 10 years old when this movie came out, went and seen it, the next day I cut some old forks off of an other old bicycle i had and turned the one I rode into a chopper. And from that day on about all I studied was motorcycles, now I am 51 and ride an Ultra Classic.

  82. Possum Says:

    Unreal Dude.. This movie changed my life as well. I cant tell you how many times I have watched it.. Over and Over.. Made me the Biker I am that is for sure.. Im hip about time.. This could be the right place but your running out of time..

  83. Rick Says:

    I might have figured that they made that movie up as they went along. For me it's actually a very boring movie. The song segments are the only parts worthy watching.

    Your photos from the various movie scene locations were interesting to look at.



  85. Dave Says:

    wow, right on man, great job,any one who rides should love the classic movie,i do ride hard

  86. Kpax Says:

    I met you around the Google thing for pictures. I am the one posting the RT66 of Missouri. Great job on this site and Easy Rider happens to be one of my favorite pics. Ride on…. have a great day whatever you're doing.

  87. Chris..AKA...HIPPIE Says:

    That was the movie that started me on my mission for the freedom. Like i say the ole lady may leave but the bike will always stay.And the freedom and the sprit live's on.The only thing the goverment won't take from me.Don't get me going on them.Cause the boys in the black suburban's might knock on my front door.Ride free and ride safe.Or drive em like you stolem them.

  88. Furry Says:

    I ride today because of the movie Easy Rider,it was and still is a great movie.

  89. Not sure if this has been posted..... - Bike Talk Motorcycle Forum Says:

    […] sure if this has been posted….. Easy Rider Route from the Movie | if so……suffer!!!!!!! lol lol still a good read……… __________________ LORD, HAVE MERCY […]

  90. Ramon Says:

    Excellent bit of work. I started out on my first bike when I was twelve and I am now 61. Pretty soon I will have 50 years of riding behind me. FWIW, I rode "Route 66" way back in 1966 on a 66 FLH. Sometimes I wish I still had it. I now ride an '05 Ultra Classic whenever I get the urge for a bit of freedom again.

  91. Art Marquez Says:

    Great site man! I've been a fan of Easy Rider from the beginning, saw it when it was re-released in the early 90's at the Cinerama Dome! I moved to Flagstaff from SoCal/Whittier about 5 years ago and have loved it ever since.My riding buddies,which include my brother Rick, and I have ridden that route as far east as Holbrook,Az several times, and it never gets tiring! I have some information I'd like to add if you don't mind? The ranch where they fixed the flat on Wyatt's bike was located about a mile east of Valentine. As you're heading east the road drops down into a small valley and to the right there is a side road that drops down into a ravine between Route 66 and the train tracks.This road goes under the tracks then veers to the east on the other side,if you look S/E from that spot you will see the ranch.The farmhouse was torn down about 4 years ago, but the barn where they fixed the flat is still out back. That scene in the movie was very poignant, modern cowboy "re-shoeing" his steed while the old one cowboy took care of his!

  92. mrzip67 Says:

    Thank you Art! I’m gonna find that in Valentine this month, take some pictures and throw em on the site and give you credit. Just gotta check em out. Ride safe my friend, hope to see you o the road sometime.

  93. Earl Says:

    Thanks for the ride and the time ans good eats. I ride a Ultra Classic plan to take the mother road sometime late this year. This route was a great start.


  94. Terri Jones Says:

    This movie was my absolute favorite movie growing up on an old farm in Western Pennsylvania. My 2 sons both ride Harleys and each has a wonderful woman by their side to share life. Also I have a grandson that will someday be a Harley rider and his own man. I unfortunately not as of yet have a bike BUT my Big 50 birthday is coming up this year and it is time to get my rearend on the road. One of the first places I will return to is Route 66. I haven't been there since I sold my Honda Rebel. Go ahead and laugh, I didn't have a dime in it. lmao. Sold it to take my boy's out to the Grand Canyon back in 1994. There will never be another movie made as well as "Easy Rider". This is one hell of site you all put together for us out here to share with those we know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart because this movie has alot of very special memories for me personally as a young girl with 2 brothers that were in Viet Nam. Ride on and Ride Free my Sisters and Brothers.. Birdie xo

  95. Terri Jones Says:

    Your behinds are going to hurt real bad.. Have fun though..

  96. oldncrzy Says:

    I see me riding this route! Thanks for the map!!!

  97. The Easy Rider Route - Harley Davidson Forums: Harley Davidson Motorcycle Forum Says:

    […] The Easy Rider Route In case curious, in case the movie struck a chord, a link to a map and report describing the ride… Easy Rider Route from the Movie | […]

  98. Art Marquez Says:

    Let me know when you'll be out this way, maybe we could meet up at the ranch? I ride a 2001 NightTrain, mildly customized and I have a '79 Shovelhead – fully chopped(rigid frame,long springer,etc,etc).

  99. mrzip67 Says:

    email me at I tried to email you earlier and it bounced. Love to check out that ranch. I could be out there in 2 weeks.

  100. LUCKY Says:

    Dig it man. It’s my favorite cycle flick. Always wanted to do that journey.SOME DAY! Thanks for the ride bro, later.

  101. Savage Larry Says:

    Hey man this is a real tribute to life altering movie. Gonna lift a few to Dennis tonight as he appears to be in rough shape with the big C. Here's to you Billy. Ride free bro.

  102. Fredo Says:

    For thirty years I wanted to take "the ride". You did it and now before I turn 60 I'm gonna get another bike and do it. Thanks, man.

  103. Sleemans1 Says:

    Thank You.

  104. mike heffernan Says:

    i was 16 when this movie came out , the music, the bikes, it was a great haunting tale, you did a fantastic job with this!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Greasy Bob Says:

    "Too freakin' cool…Thanks for the memories, Man…

  106. Larry Says:

    I had never seen Easy Rider before, but had always wanted to see it. After reading your blog and the comments I dialed it up on Vuze. Other than all of the drug use, it looks like to me a movie about freedom and tolerance. Back in '69, those commodities were in short supply so the movie I'm sure found a resonance in society or at least in certain groups therein. I would like to ride the stretch simply to experience the countryside and see if the people are still the same as the way that they are depicted in the movie.

    A great bit of research! Thanks again!

  107. Prime-8 Says:

    Very cool, great memories. I may go and watch it again tonight. Thanks for the work you put into this man.

  108. EzyEric Says:

    Very Cool thanx man

  109. Cruz'N Says:

    I was in 9th grade, a friend and I slipped into the drive in to see it.
    I was hooked then, I had to have Harley !
    Great job researching, thanks.

  110. John Zee Says:

    Wow Trevor Hilton! You really missed the whole point of the film didn't you, lol. Is that all you got from it, really? It never occured to you that is it exposing "The Land of the Free" as completely the opposite, exposing all of it's rigid morals and prejudices of the time? My my, you really have got a lot to learn haven't you, lol.

  111. Les Carroll Says:

    Hi Mr Zip66,
    From the UK, what can i say but right up my street. Me and my missus have just watched the Easy Rider trip i thank you for your time and effort, i have been given the green light to Ride route66 subject to planning time of work ect.
    Would you have any information on Bike hire and advice on this subject also how long on average it take to travel the route.

    Thanks for your time and help

    Les Carroll

  112. leon kibolonski Says:

    Truely amazing man!!!
    Your hardwork is worth a beer anytime.
    I rode that same route with my then new wife backin the 70's its something to see.
    Even if we didn't know at the time it was the sameroute as easyrider.

  113. Bill Oyston Says:

    Fantastic!! Youv'e done a really great job with researching and setting up your web site. I saw the film in 69 and it 's fair to say it changed my attitude to life and began a lifelong love of old Harley's. Here in the UK they are pretty rare and expensive, though I've managed to own a few. My latest project is a Billybike replica, well in the vein of Billybike because I can't afford a panhead engine and am using a 45 sidevalve. Thanks again for a great site.
    Bill Oyston

  114. mrzip67 Says:

    Just like easy rider, Trevor does his own thing in his own time. Maybe its you who has some shit to learn.

  115. thealaskan Says:

    Great tribute to a classic and lots of good added tidbits Mr. Zip. Enjoy the hell out of it. I've been riding on two wheels (motorized) since I was 8, circa 1962. I paid to see this movie, I was 15 and on my fourth bike by then.

    Surely brings back some memories…….. of course I have the DVD, but your site adds a lot of flavor.

    I really appreciate your effort !

  116. John Zee Says:

    ……..and maybe it's you :O)

  117. MrZip66 Says:

    good comeback. Be silent.

  118. The Lost route the Easy Rider film crew took back in 1968 « Meanstreetriders's Blog Says:

    […] The MeanStreet Riders wanted to share the route that Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda rode in the 1969 movie “Easy Rider”.  Fellow rider Alan Dunn aka as Mr. Zip 66 has taken years of research with details and even found the original “ No Vacancy” sign from the movie. Alan’s Route 66 blog on the mother road is an incredible journey back to a time when Captain America and Billy were hitting the culturally diverse highway and headlining. The more things change the more they remain the same.You will not be forgotten Dennis. […]

  119. Keith campbell Says:

    Awesome job on the many hours of research and the effort to provide us with so much detail on a classic that lives in the hearts of many. Most of all thank you for sharing with everyone the fruits of your labor. Very well done!

    Peace & Blessings,
    ~ Keith

  120. Bonita Says:

    Sitting here looking at 8" of snow in my yard plotting my "trip of a lifetime" down the west coast across the south and up the east coast, with the climax seeing Johnny Winter play at the Dutch Mason Blues Festival in Nova Scotia. Although I can't travel this entire route I have marked the places where the film and my route cross paths. Thanks for the excellent job! Will make my trip even better! Depature date of May 8……weather permitting. If anyone else has some "must see places" in their neck of the woods I would love to hear about them. Bonita

  121. Bellemont Arizona Route 66 | Says:

    […] Click Here to See the entire route from the 1969 Movie Easy Rider […]

  122. Stik Says:

    Came home in 1970, and my first bike was was a 68 Triumph, chopped up, with apes to emulate Caption America. Have ridden many a two lane highway over the years, but this route you have laid out is most definately on my "to do list"! Awesome job, and your way with words takes me back a few years, to when life was simpler. Thank you my friend,..Great work!

  123. Felipe Bernal Says:

    i want to do it next year…. Route 66… The mother!

    Felipe Bernal.

  124. Mike Savage Says:

    Best dam movie and theme song( The Pusher) ever done!!

  125. STARSKY Says:

    Man the memories flowed. You did one Hell of a job. Easy Rider is another one of those cult classics. It either becomes a part of you and the road or your lost and confused and just don't get it. I'm proud to say you are a friend and brother. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!

  126. STARSKY Says:

    Man the memories flowed. You did one Hell of a job. Easy Rider is another one of those cult classics. It either becomes a part of you and the road or your lost and confused and just don't get it. I'm proud to say you are a friend and brother. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!

  127. knuckleheader Says:

    Great job of getting the route matched w/movie. I had the coke 36 years b-4 my first bike. Finally got the priorties right.Thanks again, knuckleheader

  128. Mad Greek Says:

    make sure you don't just do I-40 to Kingman…turn off I 40 toward Bullhead City and go through OATMAN, AZ on route will rejoin south of Kingman. Ride free, free not to be hassled by the man!

  129. mrzip67 Says:

    I love that road. Probably a top favorite, but the oatman road was bypassed in 1957 to the current 1-40 alignment basically. I remember when a lot of that road was gravel.

  130. Mad Greek Says:

    Being about 10 years older than you, this is WAY COOL, Man…my buddy and I are going to do this.

  131. bob Says:

    I’m traveling Route 66, The Pacific Coast Highway and then going to Sturgis on a Captain America replica (made by Paugcho).
    I’m going to trade in the Captain for my Buell at the end of the summer and traveling the rest of the country.
    I have set aside 18 to 24 months for this trip.
    I am working on a website, but have not uploaded anything yet.

  132. Stretch Says:

    Thank you, Thank you, reminds me of the times I've been to Sturgis with friends and family. Those days will never be replaced or forgotten. Ride on man, Ride on. Stretch

  133. All Bikers are Poets. | Says:

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  134. Easy Rider: Road trip of D - Sue Frause - Travel Vivant: Aisle or Window? - True/Slant Says:

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  135. Route from Easy Rider | My Trackbook Says:

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  136. Notes from the road « Route 66 News Says:

    […] Rider,” which took place on parts of Route 66 in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Mr. Zip66 traces the path that Peter Fonda and Hopper took on motorcycles in the film so you can do it yourself. The film […]

  137. Jean SmilingCoyote Says:

    I finally saw "Easy Rider" for the first time this evening, on TV. Edited for TV, of course. Since I have a B.A. in Geography, I was wondering where all the locations were, aside from the no-brainers like Monument Valley & Sunset Crater. I could swear I saw a glimpse of Chimney Rock of Nebraska off in the distance in a Deep South context, but can't figure it out. Didn't make sense. What did I see and where was it really? R.S.V.P.

  138. Buon viaggio Dennis | Riderpedia Blog Says:

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  139. dwdeclare Says:

    if this blog did not exist it would be necessary to invent it…it's a humdinger!

  140. MrZip66 Says:

    Lol, Nice reference! Best comment yet. Thanks my friend.

  141. terry Says:

    great fantastic but were his the junk yard location were they get the stuff.were they arrive on trail bikes..
    and were was that lake at back ground when they lean over were his that..

  142. MrZip66 Says:

    They bought the stuff in Taos New Mexico.

  143. Bill Gibson Says:

    I wish I'd read this before i did route 66 – I went to Las Vegas in New Mexico but didn't know that parade scene had been taken there – I'll have to go back!

  144. Dennis Hopper and Easy Rider « This Biker's Life Says:

    […] “Mr Zip66″ certainly has, with this unbelievably well-researched homage to the entire route taken in the film. It turns out you can re-trace most of it and stay in the […]

  145. terry Says:

    can you tell me what was the bridge that at the end of movie the music was american flag flick frames on and off then cuts to they at campfire scene saying we blew it.
    sorry my english is poor

  146. Keith McLaurin/Coolrydr Says:

    The shot where they are riding and then pick up the hitch hiker is on the Sunset Crater National Monument loop just north of Flagstaff off highway 89 that leads to Wupatki National Monument. Look at the movie and you can see the vulcanic rock as they ride before they pick up the hitch hiker. If taken from Flagstaff heading north you loop back to the Wupatki Monument and then back on highway 89. You will have to turn back left on 89 and go a couple of miles back towards Flagstaff to get to the Sacred Mountain gas station. Went there from North Carolina a couple of weeks ago on my Harley. The scenes of picking up the hitch hiker, camping at the indian ruins and the Sacred Mountain gas statipn scenes were all shot within 25 miles of each other.

    You have a great website.

  147. Declan Gorman Says:

    Great Site Well Done, and Easy Rider what can I say Just a Classic Film, got me into Bikes will be doing the Mother Road 66 in Sept of this year with 100 of my friends from Ireland

  148. Bill Says:

    What a great idea to recreate the hippie journey! To tell you the truth, reading this original research made me fly again, at high altitude of memories.
    Thanks for such a pleasant recovery of the old days.

  149. HarleyRider Says:

    This is amazing! This movie has made such a difference in my life. Thanks so much man. Ride hard, Ride free

  150. voided37 Says:

    Thank you.
    What a long strange trip it's been..
    Don'tcha agree?


  151. Hans Says:

    This is great re-creation of route of the Easy Rider dudes. I will be going to Ballarat en Bellemont to check the details with my own eyes the next three weeks (from Netherlands with rental car, wife and daughter, but no Easy Rider bike, I am afraid).

  152. Hans Says:

    Pine Breeze Inn on the 11th of August 2010 (it is for sale):….….….….….

  153. dancenut Says:

    This is awesome. Watching the film in one window, I found this. Excellent research and commentary.
    I had not seen the film since it opened in 1969. Wow

  154. Bruce Says:

    Awesome page! I took a trip to Louisiana in 2008 and posted a gallery of images including Morganza and the remains of the foundation of the "Redneck Cafe." :

  155. easy rider route - Honda Fury Forums: Honda Chopper Forum Says:

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  156. Jeff Says:

    just got back from Morganza. They placed a plaque there last week. I have a few iphone pics if you want them.
    1950 Hydra-Glide.

  157. Easy Rider Route Revisited « b o x e r w o r k s . c o m | Ride. Race. Restore. Says:

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  158. terry Says:

    What road his this then. ..

  159. Kicks » Blog Archive » Easy riding Says:

    […] a great blog post by a Route 66-loving biker called Mr Zip, which essentially lists the whole route, with “then […]

  160. Bartek Says:

    Marvelous description, great post. It's wonderful to be such people. Thank you especially since this description has helped me in making a google maps for my exhibition. GREETS My blog
    Bartek Górny from Poland

  161. Bear Says:

    YOU are wrong I was there in Morganza when the film was made. The scene was shot in Morganza not Houma. Get your shit right before commenting.Thanks The Bear

  162. Special delivery « Route 66 News Says:

    […] If they’re checking out “Easy Rider” filming locales, they’re better check out MrZip66′s site about that. […]

  163. batbiker Says:

    Just found your Blog. Wish I would of known about it a few years ago. Rode Route 66 from Joliet, Ill. to Needles, California.
    Could kick my self in the ass for not knowing now close I came to the HOLY GRAIL of EASYRIDER.
    We will be checking out the spots in Louisiana this summer.
    Thanks for the info

  164. Zo Skinner Says:

    Completely Awesome work. And for us Easy Rider lovers, completely necessary!

    Great work!!

  165. jeff Says:

    adios, amoebas. Still love that. I had that poster on my bedroom wall when I was a kid

  166. Joe Says:

    Nice job Oggy!

  167. Mark Eastman Says:

    This is an awesome and accurate site, appreciate it very much. Last year going out to Kingman we tried to ride as much of the western part of the route that we could, the part to Seligman was really awesome. Thanks so much for doing this. I was
    14 when I first saw Easy Rider, the theater had rules about under 18 seeing it but I begged them, I rode a 57 sportster that my dad bought me for 250.00 back then.

  168. andre Says:

    I live in france and I just have to see the last part of "On the Trail of Easy Rider " this night
    you'r realy great and your bike is a dream
    I had see easy rider in 1969 in the city of sete (on mediterrannee side)
    This fuking movie breack my mind for ever like you
    I'm 62 now and I still dreaming
    really thank you and still wasn't born to follow
    andre viala

  169. rmac Says:

    The cafe scene was definitely in Morganza. As a 19 year old, kneeless Big Bell Levi-wearing hippie with a blond afro, I surveyed for the Corps Of Engineers down that way in 1974 on the Morganza Spillway project. They had opened the gates the previous year for the first and only time to relieve pressure on the upstream Old River Control Structure. Now in 2011, we are only days away from the second opening as floodwaters rise again. That part of the world may change forever when they do, as the Mississippi is already straining to divert West against the man-made impediments. Can you imagine Baton Rouge and New Orleans without Big Muddy? Anyway, each morning as my survey crew waited for the fog to clear (literally and figuratively), we had breakfast at Melancon's Cafe. This is where I learned to drink "Community Dark Roast" and a chicory blend they offered, which I still enjoy today. On the walls of the cafe were dozens of 8x10s (black and whites, of course) taken by the locals during filming. I had seen Easy Rider at a drive-in during high school, and it was still fresh, not "history" yet, so I didn't appreciate the experience as much as I might have. Sad to hear they have torn down the cafe. I now ride a recently restored 1971 FX Super Glide shovelhead, and plan on doing "The Gumbo Run" this fall. That will be a couple of weeks of random south Louisiana touring, stopping often to check out the gumbo and red beans & rice. I will be revisiting Morganza for at least a cup of joe, and some reflection on how that 19 year old swamp rat finished his career as a 767 pilot many years later.

    RMAC from Mississippi

    P.S. I was denied a hotel room in Morganza during that project based on my looks (can't really blame them) and wound up a few miles away in New Roads at a fish camp on the False River. Not a bad stay though, at $14 a night!

  170. Easy-Rider : a mythic geographical road-movie/un mythique road-movie géographique « (e)space & fiction Says:

    […] amateur, Mr Zip, a refait la route et en propose un mini-reportage sur son blog consacré à ce film. Il y propose une sorte de voyage mémoriel sur certains des lieux de tournage du film, en y […]

  171. Tim "Big Dog" Dawson Says:

    Great thread! Well researched and well written. I appreciate the effort you put into this. I'm an East Coaster (MD) and will be leaving in 5 days for a six week trip to St. Louis, down to Albuquerque, NM (Rt. 66), up through CO, UT, WY, MT, Sturgis, SD and then back home. I've wanted to do a trip like this ever since I saw this movie. I even bought a '58 chopped Panhead back in the late 70's but I wouldn't trust it any further than I was willing to walk. Now I have an '09 Electra Glide…easier to start and WAY more comfortable. Peace…

  172. Jim Ibert Says:

    Cool shit man! I grew up in Franklin, La and remember when they came through shooting the moving out the back of a pickup truck. When the movie came out I was 12 and needed my mothers permission to get into the theater on Main street that you show. I believe the name of the thearter was The Center Theater. My mom didn't realize the impact the movie would have on me but at 19 I bought my first Harley and left Franklin for California. I did make it back eventually but now live in Southern Cal and just bought a 2009 Harley Street Glide and would love to take the route you highligt back to Franklin and New Orleans. Anybody wanted come along?
    Thanks for sharing.
    Jim Ibert

  173. Dave H Says:

    I've ridden RT-66 and a lot of Louisiana. Every smile was returned and everyone had good things to say. As a bearded, almost bald 64 year old Harley rider, I have it easier than back in 1969 as a long haired, draft dodging, war protester.

  174. Dave H Says:

    2012 Ride! I've got a good start at a Garmin GPS route. I want to add music prompts so I can play each song at the place from the movie. It's about 3,000 mile, 10-14 day ride LA to NOLA. I want to add music prompts so I can play each movie song at the right point of the ride.

  175. Don1959 Says:

    Outstanding!!! Thanx 4 for hook'in me up w/ the EZ route.

  176. brian Says:

    The bridge towards the end of the movie is shot down in Amelia, Louisiana on Hwy 182. It is still there and if you notice there is a building in the background with a white sign it J Roy Mcdermott which is now called McDermott International which is still open and the still build oil rigs. I work over in that area and drive over that bridge alot.

  177. d hopper 1 Says:

    what a great story dude its great how things change over the years but at least some of the locations are still there i would love to do it one day a smoked a lot of grass hey lord a popped a lot off pills ;

  178. Jim Griffin Says:

    Mr Zip if you are still reading this thanks I just finished the west of amarillo portion of the route.I couldn't have found all the spots without this site… pics at the pinebreeze,jail house,river crossing,campfire scene( had some help from a park ranger and took a pic of the real ruin it was filmed if you would like a copy I would be happy to send it to you),and the best was Ballarat at the adobe where the ride started.again many thanks!! headed for new orleans soon!

  179. MrZip66 Says:

    Love to see those pictures brother! Sounds like nothing but a whole lotta fun :)

  180. Jim Griffin Says:

    send me an address I'll send em!!

  181. 5 Classic American Drives | Says:

    […] to Go Deeper: Looking to fine-tune your Easy Rider tour down to the detail? Follow this blog written by superfan Mr. Zip66. It chronicles the entire movie and its route in Google Maps glory, […]

  182. MrZip66 Says:

    nope, its in Morganza.

  183. BikerHoop Says:

    Awesome site and story. Wish I’d have seen it before I made my Route 66 ride three years ago! Anyone who has NOT ridden Route 66 doesn’t know what they’re missing. It was a real kick stopping at the RoadKill Cafe and the Mid-point Cafe for really good eats. This ride is definitely on my “to do” list. Thanks.

  184. SnootSmasher Says:

    Thanks for the tread. Can’t wait to give it a go. Riggin up some friends to ride it from Dallas. Any takers?

  185. Kris Says:

    I will make this ride a special project of mine in the near future.

  186. Kat Says:

    Yeah, it was definitely Morganza. It is the town's claim to fame. I live a couple miles away. All the girls in that scene were in my mom's class. I have a few friends on Facebook who recently put up a bunch of pictures with their family members who were able to meet the cast back then. Arnold Hess is the sheriff in that scene and worked for a very long time after that. It might have given the area a bad name, but it is still something people talk very proudly about to this day.

  187. JC Marcotte Says:

    Thanks Mr. Zip….it took the internet to connect the dots to a journey that impacted me in 1971 when I was 10. Certain things at a young age influence us as to how we perceive our lives to be. Easyrider was one of those factors,especially wyatt's personality.Now that I've found the road they travelled, I am now going to do this run in AZ and NM and hang around the canyon and monument valley and ride as many secondary roads so that i can truly relive the time in 68 when the movie was shot.
    I live in a region near Toronto Canada, a city like all other cities.Planning to do this trip in early May 2012 by flying to Vegas and shipping my bike there, so that I can get in the spirit of the open desert from the get go. Hoping to connect with a buddy that I introduced to riding, that now lives in L.A. and meet up in Barstow . Haven't seen him in 22 years.
    Either way I'm still gonna easyride my way in the desert and eventually head up the west coast through the Sierras heading towards the Great Lakes.
    Any takers for the desert run??
    Thanks again Mr. Zip for the awakening….

  188. Razz Says:

    Amazing job Zipp. I have been inspired.
    I am headin' out on the hiway tomorrow, got your route all mapped out.
    Looking for a goitered red necked girl I can change 6 to 9 with!

    Badass, Zipp.
    Thank you for this.

  189. Jean Says:

    Hey Mr. Zip! I wonder if you ever come upon any explanation with regard of color code on Billy's tank? It seems to me, the red-yellow during the coldwar time might have been some hidden message. You know what I am hinting at? Since Captain America, is all American-made, could Billy also carry some political message? Thx a lot ! I enjoyed reading your blog!

    A student from Germany

  190. MrZip66 Says:

    No hiddent message there. Was old school flames,built by a bike builder.

  191. Gerald_2916 Says:

    My wife and I spent a month in Mesa this winter, and traveled and went sight seeing around Flagstaff. Now several months latter I put in the movie, an old favourite. Holy Crap, nearly freaked, we had just seen some of those set locations. I had been through the area in the 70's but never made the connection until today. Great site, Thank You. It is a movie I have shared with my kids, and have tried to put it in context for them. My son especially liked the movie. "Why did Captain America have to die" He said that again and again for days.

    I linked him to your site and if he reads my comments, he will know it is me. Thank You.

  192. Easy Rider Tour – the Route from the movie. Wanna go with me? | Says:

    […] […]

  193. Patrik Says:

    What a great blog!!
    We went to the USA for the first time in 1992 and traveled the whole 66 by car. In a time before the internet it was a hard job to find the old road. If I have had your informations it would have been even more fun to see all the icon of one of my favourite movies -Easy Rider.
    Hope I can try this in a fews together with my children.

    Greetings from Arnsberg, Germany

    .. keep on riding!

  194. Yizz Says:

    Some of us are obsessed with this movie, as I am. I hope to travel some of their route this month, only from East to West. Doing it on a 2005 Softail Standard with no windshield. No GPS, either; just a road atlas and a cell phone. And a laptop to plan my routes during overnight stops.
    Thanks, Mr Zip, for what you did with this movie's route. Maybe I'll see ya.

  195. jim griffin Says:

    headed to pine breeze in 1 week !!

  196. Michele Witowski Says:

    This is fantastic! What a great effort you made to give us this information! Thank you thank you!

  197. hans Says:

    After two years, we re-visited (from the Netherlands) the Pine Breeze Inn. This is on the 11th of July. It is still for sale. I have no clue why there is no Easy Rider museum! In another life, I would perhaps have started it myself….

  198. kAlaJohnhdxx Says:

    Fantastic article. Very refreshing given all the duplicate material out there. Cheers for doing some thing original.

  199. Gary Says:

    I found this blog while watching the Easy Rider movie for first time since it first came out. Yeah I am an old guy. An American classic. Makes me want to get out the Harley and take a long ride. Thanks for all the detailed information. I will take this ride someday, probably in reverse because I live in Texas.

  200. Chris Says:

    Greetings from Gray Britain! I didn't know all of what MrZip meant so maybe he thinks I am a pussy. Nevertheless a good two hours reading through everything. What a great trip it would be, perhaps even on a Vespa!! I really had not appreciated that the film featured so much of Route66, possibly because of the soundtrack and visual elements being so strong of themselves. I was struck by the number of people stating they had been changed by the experience of seeing Easy Rider, though I suppose they are older than I am and at that time living in a very different sort of society then, than the society we all experience living in now. Long before I saw Easy Rider, my own mind-bender was reading Grapes of Wrath; Route 66 again, while at school, and that not even a study text. This post may be a bit off the point but has been inspired by a both entertaining and interesting site. Thank you MrZip66.

  201. Scott Says:

    Nice blog here!

  202. Steve Says:

    I live in Durham region, and like you never thought much about the connection Route 66 had to Easy rider, and the songs that mention it. I'm looking for a DVD of the old Route 66 series that I vaguely remember from my childhood. in the bargain bins at crappy tire and wally mart. I have been to New Orleans by bike and have driven a small section of route 66 between Needles and Kingsman and saw the Burrows in Oatman. I would love to copy the easy rider route someday.

  203. Kim Says:

    Great website, Mr. Zip!! We live in Chino Valley, AZ and ride on Route 66 ALOT. We even have a 1950 canned ham camper with Route 66 motif. Everytime I’ve watched the movie, I’ve always wondered about all the places. I watched it last week and recognized alot of the places. Been to alot of em with my old man on our bike! Thanks alot for all the interesting info!! Maybe we’ll see you sometime……….

  204. dipsnewlife Says:

    nicely done — thx. for the trip.

  205. Eric Says:

    I've done Route 66 many times, but not like the way you laid it down.
    Fantastic job: THANKS!
    Am planning my next trip based on your guidelines.

  206. terry wilshaw Says:

    Pity i could not do the tour with you.
    I Live in the UK.

  207. Mountainman Says:

    Saw it in 1970 at drive in movie 8 of us on our motor cycles. Left the drive in checking out every pickup on the road. Great night for a ride…..spooky to say the least.

  208. Stacy Carpenter Says:

    Wow…great job with the info. I first saw that movie almost 30 years ago when I was a kid and I still love it!

  209. brian h Says:

    zip, what an awesome thing youve done. a trip i`ll need to do for sure. as an obsessed fan of the movie two lane blacktop, ive traced the route of that movie from where it departs from rt 66 onto us70 heading east to the ending in athens, tenn. did you know part of that movie was filmed on the dragon in deals gap n.c. ? check out twolane for now and then photos. i enjoys any and all sites that document these movie classics thanks again , brian

  210. Easy Rider | strike-through Says:

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  211. Sonny Says:

    It is in Morganza . I have a friend that is old enough that she was friends with the people that own it . It is no longer open but the building is still there …….

  212. Sonny Says:

    Next time I ride that area I will get you a pic of it ……..

  213. Robert Says:

    I live in Franklin and have watched easy rider too many time to count great movie the only thing is they go the wrong way through Franklin on their way to New Orleans and on the way back from New Orleans.

  214. Jim griffin Says:

    Hopper jumped around a lot in his editing ! Might have been his meds at the time ! Monument valley was way off course too ! But the colors in the filming there sure were great!

  215. MrZip66 Says:

    Robert, you should send me some pictures of Franklin and what you know. Awesome little town.

  216. Texaskm Says:

    April 1970, I went to Las Vegas, NM to visit my girl friend from college. Her home is on the square in downtown OLD Las Vegas, where the Easy Riders were parading without a permit. As the parade turned left and they turned right and were arrested, you were looking at her house. I had parked on the wrong side of the street at that same spot to unload my car and found myself in trouble with the law. I ended up at the same police station/jail on the other side of the square (and down a little I think). It made for quite a memorable experience. I posted bond and never went back. But this was the plaza in OLD LAS VEGAS.

  217. datingsite Says:

    Great post Mr. zip66, i love this kind of movies with bikes and this kind of style. keep on posting. Thank you

  218. Mike Says:

    You know, these 'Easy Rider Location' web sites are a dime a dozen, with a few token pictures and what have you not.

    That said, you have by far made one of the nicest websites devoted to the movie that I have seen in a long long time.

    Thank you so much, kind Sir, for all your efforts. It is TRULY appreciated.

    A cyber-beer is forthcoming, in your honor.

  219. Jim griffin Says:

    I agree Mike. I used this site to visit all filming sites except madam tinker toys , the commune location in California & the vanution camp site !

    Still lookin for those !

    Ps I did get a picture of the corner of Bourbon & Toulose !

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  221. david Says:

    Your site is great. Thanks

  222. MrZip66 Says:

    I'm hip about one horse rallies. Thanks for the post!

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