I forgive em. I barely care. I don’t get excited about too many things…

All I know is hockey is back tomorrow. As much as I’d like to take a stand on the principle of the thing…. Owners shmoners/players shmayers. It ain’t my fight. Drop that puck boys, lets rumble. Is anyone else stoked?

Sid’s saucer passes.   Geno entering the zone, and slapping one into the twine.   Orpik laying the lumber.    Fleury flashing a glove or two.   Man, I’m pumped.


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One Response to “Get in the fast lane grandma, the bingo game is ready to roll”

  1. Ohio Says:

    I like hockey if I'm there, it is hard to watch on TV. I do follow The Blue Jackets(stop laughing) but saw them twice last season and they won both games, including a victory at the Stanley Cup Champions LA Kings, it was awesome going to a different arena. Was a little worried about being harassed but I was respectable and got that in return, the Staples Center is a great venue.

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