Here was my first bike:  A 1972 XR75.   My father bought it for me, then taught me how to ride it, something I will forever be indebted to him for doing.   We rode quite a few times together, but most of the time I was racing it around fields, jumping it like I was evel Knevel and running from cops at a young age.   I was 10 years old.

Then a 1976 Honda MT 250.  My dad bought it, then I took it over.   I got my first ticket on this bike:  55 in a 25, no license, no helmet, no registration, excessive noise, and the cop followed me for 2 miles before I noticed him and pulled over.    I seized this bike more than a few times, and it would cool down and just keep running.  I actually sold this bike a  few years ago.  It still ran.

A 1984 Honda Magna (at one point I had 2.   I 700cc and a 750cc)   I bought the first in 1989 when I was living in Long Beach, and put 72k miles on it.   It gave up the ghost, and I got another one and rode it for about a year.   This bike turned me onto long touring, and when I finally couldnt afford to keep it together from thrown transmissions, blowby from bad rings, and leaky engines I literally cried when I took it to the dump and unloaded her.   She’s the bike that showed me the beauty of a long open road and the time to go down it and enjoy it all.   To this day, when I see a magna, it puts a smile on my face.   I kept a written log of some of my rides on the magna when I first got her, and which was the idea to start this blog.   its under the Honda Magna Retro Logs section.

My 1987 Suzuki SP 600.   I bought it for 50 bucks, broke my ankles everytime I started it, launched it in the air several times, and threw the chain about every 40-45 minutes riding it.  It was held together with JB weld and what mustve been a guardian angel to keep me alive on it.    This was the only bike I had for a while.  I sold it for 50 bucks.    I am quite positive it is sitting in a ravine somewhere, and a good possiblity of a missing person lying next to it.

My old street glide.   The second I saw her, I knew I was walking out with her.   Not trying to be dramatic, but it was love at first site.   Best bike ive ever owned.

The Road Rage

The Road Rage – 2006 FLHXI Street Glide

2006 FLSTFI Fat Boy

2006 FLSTFI Fat Boy

This is the bike I ride now.  1999 FLHR road King Classic.    My brother built this bike.    Custom paint, 103 engine at 110 horse, 6 speed baker and a lot of other extras.   She begs to stretch her legs.    The cams in her beg you to get her past 4k rpm, and when you do she’s in her element it seems.   Lots of fun to ride.

1999 Road King FLHR

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  • By John Law - Reply

    Very nice site. I found your link through (I am cybdet) I also own a 2006 SG. I am considering an upgrade to my motor like you have done. My SG has 16+K miles and I am going to make the upgrade my winter (New York area) project. How do you like the V&H 2-1 pipes? I am considering also going with a 2-1. Not sure if I want the V&H, D&D Fatcats or Reinharts.

    Apprecieate the advice from your experience.


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